We Fly Geschwister Hofmann –

“The new album of the Geschwister Hofmann – we fly we fly” is the 19th album Geschwister Hofmann, which released MUSIC on April 8, 2011 at GLORIELLA. That has produced 13 titles strong work the successful producer team Walter J.W. Schmid and Jack White. One day after the publication of we fly”celebrates the musical new siblings Hanson album its TV premiere at Florian silver eisens”Spring Festival of folk music”(Saturday, 9 April, ARD, 20:15) new songs, new look, new sound! Away from the folksy Schlager, towards a classic German Schlager album! Anita and Alexandra Hofmann understand it repeatedly to surprise their fanbase. The sisters have a suitcase full of music in the luggage: 13 brand new tracks, produced by hit producer team Walter J.W. Schmid and Jack White.

The Geschwister Hofmann sound versatile than ever! The fleet Fox dance number (we sing Bella Musica””, Annemarie “) about happy limbo rhythms, soulful ballads of Clayderman a la (with you alone in the) (Paradies”, Unendlich Frei”) to the dreamy sounds of a light Zund’ “. Many Earwigs are and excellent texts, which emphasize the interpersonal as well as love, loyalty, hope and friendship -. The Anita dark and blonde Alexandra Hofmann with their clear, wonderfully harmonious voices sing of what is really important in life. Profound and dynamic this song can be heard”. And even if it sometimes means the fate not good with one (all tears are cried””, you can’t go “), the glimmer of hope on the horizon is always somewhere. She Alexandra and Anita understand it also, to enjoy happy and lonely hours (limbo on Jamaica””, you can sleep without me “).

Life writes the most exciting stories again and again. This also applies to the Geschwister Hofmann. Significantly the craziest dreams experience and is a line in the song and we fly”we.” The album title we fly” stands for the independence and musical freedom of the Geschwister Hofmann. The musical Exchange is managed. Pop-Schlager must sound today! For over 20 years, the siblings Hofmann as the album, tour and Gala artists of first team inspire their audience. They regularly lead the pop charts and are in many cases price awarded, so they won the Crown of folk music (2004 and 2006) and others, the Goldene Stimmgabel (2003 and 2005) as well as several times the hit parade of folk music. Alexandra and Anita Hofmann are not only talented singers, but also versatile instrumentalists (including trumpet, Alphorn, horns, xylophone (Anita) and piano, accordion and Styrian harmonica, guitar, harp, dulcimer and Lyra, saxophone and flute (Alexandra).