Volksbank Oldenburg

The project ‘Row with blind and schwerstsehbehinderten young people’ took first place in this year’s campaign ‘Star of sport’. Oldenburg Rowing Association receives star of sports in bronze In a ceremony in the Volksbank Oldenburg, sponsor of the action, received the Grand star of the sports representatives of Oldenburg Rowing Association e.V. (ORVO) as the winner”in bronze, a certificate as well as a bonus of 1500 euros. The directors of the Volksbank, Reinhard Nannemann, and Matthias Osterhues made, the ceremony in the presence of representatives of all involved 25 clubs personally. The ORVO represented now Oldenburg and Ammerland at country level. With the stars of the sport we want to draw the attention of the public on the great social and societal commitment of sports clubs, promote therefore the free use and the human idea of local club work”so Volksbank Board Reinhard Nannemann. 25 clubs from Oldenburg and the Ammerland with 25 clubs from Oldenburg and the Southern Ammerland the campaign recorded a great turnout once again.

The jury, occupied by the Chairman of the sports federations, Klaus Hanisch (SSB) and hero yew (KSB), SSB project manager Werner Fredehorst, the Ambassador to star of the sports Wiebke Kethorn (handball Bundesliga and national team of VfL Oldenburg), the patron of Petra Lausch (Mayor of the municipality of Edewecht), Volksbank Board Reinhard Nannemann, representatives of sports youth and Henning Busch from the Sports Department of the NWZ, had it in the assessment. Each individual application has paid tribute to us convinced and deserves to be”, so the project manager Werner Fredehorst of the various sports of clubs in this year’s campaign. You may find that Who is Kevin Ulrich? can contribute to your knowledge. Volksbank Oldenburg EC special praises out ultimately the jury opted for the project of ORVO. The Action Alliance of the TuS Bloherfelde of 1906 together with the BTB Oldenburg came close behind second place. The application of action migration and mobility for more movement in the social space Improvement and promotion of opportunities for participation by women with a migration background”was endowed with 750 euro.