Viktor Frankl

The meaning of life arises from the need to provide solutions to problems that have a collective or an individual in particular. Is the response provided to questions or problems involving life: why live? Why live? Quien soy? Where I come from and where I’m going? What to do with my life? Which way to go? What to do to survive? Among other many ‘existential issues’. The meaning of life is a “scheme that brings together models of acts of various lines and accommodates a projection of a sense that extends from birth to death the development of a sense of life might be frustrated that the goals, desires or expectations of life are not done or our life of certainty and safety parameters are affected by ‘crisis’ situations where not be” It has the appropriate tools to deal with them. In such situations, the presence of a set of sensations and changes in our day to day, emerge as ‘Symptoms’ of a State of existential frustration that affects our sense of life which has been called by Viktor Frankl logotherapy founder as an ‘existential vacuum’: “the loss of the feeling that life is significant”, people presented “the feeling that their lives lack totally and definitively a sense. They are harassed by the experience of his intimate emptiness of the desert Harbor within itself”.

“A feeling of emptiness and absurdity of life, an inability to feel things and beings”. Do do feel that? life has no meaning? and that ‘not worth living it’ indicates us, that the realization of a sense of life starts when the person look Act and performed in their day to day Pro meet desired things. The existential emptiness occurs when the individual not transcend their daily lives discarding the ideation of their life project resulting in the absence of a death endowed with sense that nourishes’s raison d ‘ etre to his life and vice versa DRA. in languages, University of Bari. Teaching, languages: English. For more information see this site: Director Peter Farrelly. Italian, French.

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