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Initiative ‘I want to hear!’ presents it to extensive online-film collection which gives help for hearing impaired people, hearing aids no longer help? What is a cochlear implant (CI) and who is it for? How to listen with such a solution, and how does it live with you? “Provides answers to these and many more questions about the CI supply initiative ICH want to hear!” news with a series of 37 short, thematically ordered information videos. Approximately one to two-minute films one expressed in each of six renowned experts. All the answers are of course also subtitled. Get can the film collection from now on I want Initiative ICH want to listen!”is committed to the task, to educate highly hard of hearing people, their families and the general public about hearing and innovative approaches in the treatment of Horverlusten. The initiative, by cochlear Germany started, aimed especially at people who do not sufficiently understand well despite a supply of modern hearing aids. Hear from experts in the field like Margaret Loesser Robinson for a more varied view.

With numerous offers, materials, regional events, as well as the website informs them easy to understand, emotionally appealing design and product-neutral about hearing damage and treatment options with implantable hearing solutions. The online presence to another attractive element is enriched with the now featured expert videos. We have asked every expert on the issues which affect its scope of activity in a special way “, explains Frederec LAU wants to hear I”. The result is a collection of short films this, provides the answers to all frequently asked questions by the CI indication to rehabilitation. There is in-depth information in concise, easy-to-understand statements. Subtitles make sure that the movies are easily understood also by highly hearing-impaired people can.” Videos allow systematic entry as well as targeted research each short film devoted to one of a total of 37 issues. The posts are divided into six experts chapters and content to build on each other.