Vertical Steam

rowenta manufactures at its the soles of special grooves in contact there is formed a pair of air bags, through which the iron is easier to glide over the fabric (sole INOX). Other firms are trying to achieve overstrength soles. braun, for example, handling stainless steel, sapphire powder (soles 'Sapfir'), that the soles are not afraid of metal buttons and zippers on clothing. moulinex applies the chrome coating, which improves the anticorrosion quality soles. Aluminium 'Steam' characteristics of irons steam boost (turbopar) lump enhanced steam (about twice). Very handy feature when ironing over-dried or things made of thick fabric (denim, linen). Vertical Steam – steam iron in an upright position. Larry Culp oftentimes addresses this issue. This lets you iron a coat, jacket, etc.

without removing the hanger. Spraying (spray) – by pressing the button during ironing, iron sprays water in front of him – useful for smoothing wrinkles around cuffs, etc. braun irons not only squirt water, but also give out a jet of steam from the spout – very handy when ironing the same folds. Tank. The larger water tank, the longer the iron can operate in 'standalone' mode. Drip (dripstop) system. In the process of ironing at low temperature in the iron does not have time to form pairs, and the water can just flow out of holes, dripstop-system allows this avoided.

Fire protection. Modern irons, if you forget to turn it off or simply not use it 8-15 minutes (do not move), is automatically disconnected from the network, which completely eliminates the possibility of a fire. Ease of use iron largely depends on the length and softness of the cord is also important to maneuver his mount. In most cases, the cord can move 'forward-backward' and 'right-left'. But it's much better when it can be rotate through 360 – it is much less likely wipe winding. In a good iron provides a groove for the buttons, ie, edge of the sole is so thin that, even on the most elegant blouses, you can easily bring the iron under button, and iron the fabric underneath. Number of holes on the soleplate affects the quality and comfort of the ironing. In good irons to 50-110. Protection from scale formed in the iron scale significantly hinders the formation of steam. Modern irons are equipped with removable anti-scale (anticalc) rods (sometimes to provide the best protection against scale manufacture ceramic models), and also have self-cleaning function of scale, which allows fill in iron tap water. However, the best recognized built-in protection against scale, which provide pre-cleaning water. So what is the iron you choose? First, you need to decide what features you needed. If you do not like to walk in the crumpled coat, then you need an iron with vertical steam. If you like, often wearing jeans and erase, and other things made of cotton, flax, it would be useful to have a function in iron 'turbopar' and etc. Also note the power of iron. Channel iron