VCA Crossfader

Faders, crossfaders The faders and potentiometers – regulators in the form of 'sliders' are generally used to adjust the overall signal level on each channel. Faders give a clear idea of what the volume with which channel sound. Potentiometers or in common parlance 'krutilki' are used to adjust the equalizer, the signal preamplifier Gain, to adjust the effect parameters. Faders and potentiometers – used for all consoles, not only in DJ, so there is hardly a person who is at least superficially was not familiar with those details. A key detail – the crossfader.

Who thinks that this DJ mixer crossfader is different from the usual mixing, the located on the right track. The crossfader is horizontal and is used for mixing channel signals. In the most simple remotes signal is passed directly through the crossfader, so after a few months intensive use of the crossfader or completely fails, or begins to crackle, noise and run rough. Crossfaders are more progressive on the basis of VCA (VOLTAGE Controlled Amplifier). The essence of the VCA is that the crossfader controls the signal amplifiers and does not transmit sound through itself, ie, pollution and wear and tear 'slider' will not have a bad influence on the sound. But in any case the crossfader wear and pollution will adversely affect its mechanical characteristics, namely smoothness, lightness, speed, etc.

The next type of crossfader – Optical. Optical crossfaders are very comfortable and quiet in operation, highly sensitive, 'optics' characterized by high speed and ease of sliding, which is important for the scratch. However, the 'optics' have to get used, if necessary gently 'push' composition, this may not happen immediately, and not for any style of music suitable control with the crossfader. A disadvantage of optical crossfader is a tendency to clogging of lenses and detectors in discos and clubs, where the effect of smoke and moisture variability leads to emergency death mechanism.