You must draw zero connected on the surface, as if you wrote 00000 without raising the muequilla and leaving to shutdown the muequilla in no point, because it would burn the varnish. You must do this until a pretty varnish layer is seen or when the varnish smokes . The varnish smokes when happening the wrist forms a fog species on the surface that quickly it disappears. If you would like to know more about Adam Sandler, then click here. You do not worry if your varnish does not smoke, is sufficient with an pleasant result, without the surface is totally lacada and saturated of shellac. With the practice will be possible to see to you smoke the varnish. As the surface is covered, you must be reducing more and plus the concentration of the shellac, so that he is more manageable and the muequilla does not enlist in the surface. Thus you will not have to use petroleum jelly, that is very annoying to clear. Stretched Now exempt the rays or marks in the varnish you the same redistribute and it all over the surface.

You do not recharge the muequilla with more shellac. You only add alcohol to the muequilla, in such a way that little by little the muequilla will be cleaned of varnish. You later draw air lines in horizontal and in vertical, stretching the shellac with force, adding only alcohol, until the muequilla no longer has varnish shellac. This will take time enough to you. In this point, you stop adding alcohol to the muequilla, continue drawing air lines until the rag and the wool are dried totally. The varnish has finished when the muequilla is dry and clean and slides smoothly by the crystalline surface. If you consider that the pores are still very open and visible, can extend a little wax past 24 hours. Good work! Adviser online in antiques: restoration, conservation, appraisal Source: Note of Press sent by susana.