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The plane left for Miami on Thursday to eight in the morning and left the city at eight Florida night. It was carrying tourists to the Hotel Nacional, where he dresses up to attend the show until dawn. After the show slept a few hours in the hotel and returned to Miami early in the morning. A valid idea for a Nobel Prize for commercial creativity. Another highlight essential figures in any count Tropicana is Roderico Neyra, Rodney into the world of entertainment.

Contract was the best investment the entrepreneur Martin Fox June 1, 1952 Rodney starts to work as a choreographer at the Tropicana. Came backed by the quality achieved in the performances of the Sans Souci, another cabaret habanero mostly widely adopted within the national audience, but it was at the Tropicana where Rodney might actually be as a choreographer. Fox gave the green light and unlimited resources for the realization of their ideas. The chronicles of the time that each have their own show seemed insurmountable, we got to the Tropicana at the height of the best cabarets in the world. The arrival of Rodney declared full adulthood for the site later known as a Paraiso under estrellasa . But there was a time when the cabaret for some, there was nothing idyllic and if they seemed rather to hell by Dante.

In 1940a the Jesuit priests of the College of Bethlehem, which was next to the nightclub, and several locals, led by the Count of San Juan de Jaruco, asked Mayor Mariano immediate closure of Tropicana. They said the plaintiffs that it was a moral affront to the neighborhood, and violate the rest of the school’s students. With your order placed on three maximum two municipal authority, as he himself had established the opening of the cabaret on 31 December 1939, but the matter had to be brought to trial. The day of the hearing, the judge Rigoberto Cabrera, young, friendly looking black hair, stood at the podium. On your right is the spokesperson for the school located in Bethlehem and the Count San Juan de Jaruco on behalf of the neighbors. On the left, Victor de Correa who was attending his lawyer. The family crowded audience of students and many of the employees of Tropicana. The court clerk read the minutes of complaint. The priests and the Count. Correa’s attorney, in turn, acknowledged that the plaintiffs could have opposed not only to the opening of the cabaret, but its continuity, which had the time and the right granted to them under the law to have, but did not at the right time and right this time and were obsolete. He saw no reason, he said, to more than a little noise at night to Havana were deprived of what was being and one of its great attractions. Moreover, closing would Tropicana workers to unemployment and hunger. And to close the exhibition, please contact the Conde de San Juan de Jaruco, who had said that the music of cabaret not let him sleep at night, the trachea recommended letradoa sleeping Da A. In the end, the judge, in view of the incontrovertible arguments of counsel, issued acquittal. Tropicana keep its doors open and nobody else would ever ask for its closure.