Thousand Festivals

Speaking of Galicia is speaking of magic, ancient traditions, gastronomy and deep religious feeling. He loved that follows its sea, its sky, its rivers and forests of Oaks, attract thousands of people every year. This same charm is what makes los gallegos, when they are away from their homeland, to experience that indigenous sentiment: the homesickness (or penalty of being away from their land). Internationally known for his Apostle, Santiago, Galicia also worshipped with special devotion to the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of sailors, source of wealth, but also of sadness by those who never returned. At parties, you will feel that Galician unique hospitality. Also they’re the palate with sardines, Octopus, clams, barnacles and the wine Albarino.

All peoples sailors is held in mid-July pattern of the Virgen del Carmen, from Viveiro, to the North, to Tui, where Portugal begins. In Celtic tradition, in Galicia several holidays commemorating these deep are also held Pagan roots of Northern Europe. The fiestas de Ortigueira, in early July, began as a simple tribute to the music and Celtic culture. Now, this town of 8,000 inhabitants receives each year, during 4 days, some 70,000 people from all over Europe, from Ireland to Germany. In Catoira (Pontevedra), also a very small town, still commemorates the storming of the Vikings happened hundreds of years ago and this show attracts thousands of visitors. If you’re going to see it, you can take advantage of the Albarino Fiesta, just the night before, in Cambados (a half hour). More information is housed here: actress.

Near Ortigueira, the biggest party in Galicia is July 25, day of the apostle. In other cases, in addition to Spanish, is very noticeable presence of the people of the North (Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany), countries with which Galicia keeps close cultural ties of Celtic origins. And so far we only speak of summer festivals, also known as pilgrimages and festivities. But Galicia remains very religious and very traditional and this makes that every week, in any of its thousands of parishes be held a feast in which patria gastronomy, bagpipes and wine together to neighbouring and foreign. Do not forget nor the feudal Galicia of the peasant, the Earth, the nobility and Castle. In mid-August commemorates the uprising of the irmandinos against the Lords of Moeche, at a party in which all the peasants marching to midnight against the medieval castle loaded with torches. Galicia also boasts a very popular holiday Carnival (Entroido) in Verin and Laza (Ourense). These festivals are featuring the peliqueiros, characters disguised with very distinctive masks and armed with a riding crop (zamarra) species. Its passage, sounding the bells hanging from his belt, the peliqueiros stoked to the public. It’s an apotropaic rite (which scares the evil), which has been practiced since time immemorial. On the occasion of the great festivals of Galicia, some airlines and Hotel establishments offer deals that include flights more hotel. It is a good option for touring parties of Galicia, find car rental deals to explore hidden places and enjoy small towns and cities. For your next getaway to the Galician land, do not hesitate to consult online the best options and offers for an unforgettable experience. Original author and source of the article.