The Secret

How do you know about the law of attraction? Did you know that was a valuable secret for thousands of years? Fortunately for everyone, today this law is no longer a secret, except for one who seeks to ignore, and even this is so true that even if he ignores the law of attraction is still operating in the universe, and nothing will change that. So this law is inevitable, want to avoid it or ignore it would be something comparable to want to avoid or ignore the law of gravity, impossible right? Thus, the law of attraction is there, circulating in the universe, a part of it, and is available to anyone who decides to use to her advantage. You've probably heard at some point in the movie The Secret, which caused a great impact to be made public in 2006, for in it in some way to unravel the mystery that surrounded for thousands of years to this valuable law. This film is related to many successful characters, famous, powerful, and so on. with the knowledge and management of this law as it arises, the only difference between them and us is that we were able to use the law of attraction to them, neither more nor less. They say that throughout history, when knowledge was still denied to the general public, many characters used their unique knowledge of this law to evil ends, but is proven that ultimately ended up bouncing their negative actions themselves.