The Physical

The fact that we do not choose ultimately whether or not we are sexual beings. We namely in any case, these are, there’s no doubt, and as a result also, that it is important to capture a further and deeper sense of sexuality. That namely sexuality holds a much higher status in the hierarchy of divine existence, as we like to have us in the limiting of same on its Korperliches anniversary. We definitely are sexual beings, and looked from a viewing point granted a slightly more generous overview, is the essence of all things sexual, essential, that means it is swinging harmoniously together in love. Here is the vibration, which underlies all the divine being highest joy, full of unlimited love sexuality, par excellence expression of our eternal connectedness, our constant Association. Here, sex is identical with love, an essential quality of God and therefore is a inner quality of each people. Therefore, it is also obvious and understandable that all attempts to merge us, to unite us all unit experience, i.e. God’s experiences, same requirements, basic elements are their own, and also the sexual basic vibration love as such is never absent.

Therefore, same basic elements are as they underlie even the physical Union between two people, who want to experience the oneness with each other and with this View the Act of love indulge in dine in meditation, in every act of life at work. These basic elements, these speziellen qualities are unconditional request, and without them, a fusion of duality, of seeming opposites is almost impossible. I spreche here by almost as another form of attaining at least is known to me. Because the Act of grace, where we seemingly without our involvement experience given a conscious of God, but I’m not so sure that in this case we are truly uninvolved and therefore more likely to accept is that there is already a connection between what is experienced and just experiencing seems to be.