The Personal

A hospital cash insurance for workers and employees can be useful that takes the costs 10 euro per day of stay in the hospital. A sickness benefit insurance is not required for employees. Get a salary from their employer during their incapacity for work due to illness for a period of six weeks in the full amount. The benefits for treatments at the dentist’s Office occupy an important place. The payments to be made to the dentist costs such as for example Zahersatz can be freely negotiated. The higher the payment, the more expensive the insurance. In recent months, Sam Jones has been very successful. Insured persons who have no serious dental problems at the time of the Vertraksabschlusses, is recommended to choose a high surcharge.

Without existing dental problems, dental protection is cheap and is considerably more expensive, if currently exist “Construction sites” in the mouth. Extra high tooth replacement may already be worth with the first treatment. A surcharge of 80 instead of 60 percent can already some hundred euros make up. Other special services include for example the foreign travel health insurance with coverage of various additional services such as reimbursement of the costs for the return transport, etc. The private health insurance services for private health insurance in the price comparison is offered with its flexible pricing in Germany by more than 50 companies in numerous different tariffs to some significantly different prices. There is clarity about the desired services, first special offers can be found with a so-called “private health insurance price comparison”, which have an optimal price / performance ratio.It is important that such a comparison is individually aligned on the personal characteristics such as age, gender, profession, etc. In addition to selected services, just these factors decisively determine the price of the car.