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Moreover, experts advise integrated alarm system and fire alarm system in one control panel. This integration is called a fire alarm, abbreviated as ops. Fire alarms – one of the most common and popular types of alarms in the workplace. The fire alarm is constantly improving, inventing new ways to detect a fire, decreasing the percentage of false alarms. In any enterprise, in every office should have a fire alarm. Jorge Perez has plenty of information regarding this issue. This is dictated by how owner's wishes to protect his property, life and health of employees, and government standards and regulations of the moe. In general, fire alarm systems designed to detect fires at an early stage ignition systems, including light and sound or voice alert and active fire suppression, and transmission of alarm to the control of.

Fire – worse than a thief, as he is able to "pick up" with a lot more of your property, and that even worse – can take away a life. The next step in the development of the fire alarm system is an automatic fire alarm system, which gained considerable popularity among the companies. This system is quick and automated response to the outbreak of fire or smoke. If you notice these factors, the system automatically triggered fire alarm, fire fighting system Smoke also elevators and access control systems. Automatic fire alarm – it is technically complex system be composed of hardware, allowing to detect the source of fire (fire alarm), automatic switching voice warning, fire extinguishing systems, smoke exhaust and supply control signals to the monitoring system and access control systems (ACS) and lift economy.