The Organization

If there is any to your name, delete it. This includes accounts of brokerage and investment and other types of accounts that provide a credit advancement. When have you closed all the accounts you need to close, requests a copy of your credit report. Identifies all accounts that you and your former spouse opened and close them. It continues checking your credit report until you are sure that it is correct. Prepare your new budget after divorce you, your financial situation will probably be very different from that which it had before. Better for you to spend some time to get familiar with this situation. Having a new budget is the first step to adapt to your new financial circumstances.

The organization is paramount a key point is that you get copies of all important documents related to the liquidation of assets and save them where to know that they will be safe. Get a quote for all your expenses, so you’ll know where your money is going. Review your credit card and bank account statements for previous years accounts so that you know what are your spending habits. It includes the cost of amusements and entertainment, clothing and other basic items, as well as an amount for savings. He then proceeds to calculate your monthly income excluding income potential, but only that you are sure that you will receive. You can include income for maintenance of children and alimony, where your former partner will take care of that. Compare expenses with your income.

If you leave most of what comes, you need to cut your expenses. Keep in mind that entertainment and amusement expenses are easier to reduce than other fixed costs. Continue cutting until you have sufficient income. At the beginning it will not be easy, but it is essential that you adapt to your new financial situation.