The Marten

In this case, you need early in the morning, even with the dawn, fall into place marten habitat, as it is at dawn and often continues to feed Laika, finding fresh tracks can quickly find it. Fresh tracks of marten is clearly visible in the snow and the dog, using the senses of smell and vision, in pursuit. If the snow can be seen to left Laika, you need to move in that direction and listen. A dog is easy to overtake her, and to give voice to marten was found. Remains unnoticed approach to voice and husky shoot animal accurate shot. By sitting in the thick branches of the marten to shoot for sure, having in mind that she was very severely injured, and hides for her flexinvest require much effort – usually control shots or climbing a thick elyam that takes lot of effort and a lot of time. When hunting marten is very important to be familiar with it should be left in the snow, because without relevant experience may be confused with the trace mark marten ferret or even a large weasel.

Weasel moves the snow is usually hopping, putting his hind legs in front trail. Get all the facts and insights with Howard Schultz, another great source of information. Marten and sometimes goes a step. The main difference between the traces marten is that the print of each pair of claws, legs apart with each other much more than a weasel, and he himself should be significantly larger. Next marten running for the day, a relatively straight line. She was not distracted by the search for prey.