The Instruction

If the engine There are significant deposits? 'Wash out' the engine oil system. If there is reason to believe that the seals lost their elasticity (as, for example, states the following stains in the ground planting), the transition to 'Synthetic' better to defer to engine repair and replacement of seals. If signs of leaks is not observed, then the reliability can be recommended at first to switch to semi-synthetic oil and drive it full interval before replacement. Learn more at this site: Charlotte Hornets. If you still stains the ground at landing glands do not appear, then you can proceed to the use of synthetic products. What to do if a car is recommended for instructions on any Special oil is no specific specifications? Typically, the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer requirements for lubricants used, depending on the ambient temperature regimes operation, etc. Sometimes, just as an example, are specific brands of oils specific manufacturers. In this case, using the given advice in this booklet, you will be able to choose the appropriate brand oil.

If the recommendations of the manufacturer there are no requirements for the oils, but recommended only a single product (which begins in most cases the abbreviated name of the manufacturer car), then the owner of this car can only go to the nearest service station and oil change there, or get advice on where to buy this special product. Interchangeable if the fluid for automatic transmissions (ATF)? Some liquids are used interchangeably. However, at present there is no problem to find on the shelf fluid, which has exactly the specification that is required the manufacturer of your vehicle and is listed in the instruction manual. For example, the instructions required liquid having a specification Dexron IID. In this case, for the replacement and topping up, simply find the brand of fluid that has namely the specification. When refilling, you must also remember that liquids of different colors are not compatible.

Interchangeable if different brands of antifreeze? Most manufacturers require for cooling system coolant consisting of 50% concentrate based on ethylene glycol antifreeze and 50% water of a certain quality (you can recommend to use for this purpose, distilled water). At this concentration, temperature Frost will be minus 35-40 degrees Celsius. It is also recommended to change the coolant is not less than 1 every 2 years or after a certain mileage. You can give the following recommendations: * Do not fluid mix of different brands. This can lead to a reduction of the protective properties of antifreeze * Do not mix antifreeze in different colors * In case of need for topping-up is better to use plain water, while controlling density of the resulting mixture to determine whether the freezing temperature of interchangeable brake fluid? Are interchangeable brake fluid with DOT 3 specifications and / or DOT 4. Liquids with specification DOT 5 interchangeable only with each other. The supply of oils and greases for industrial use in Ukraine, the company does Promoyl – Industrial oils and greases.