The First

Was a small AHA experience. Also I’ve never tried to memorize sequences or to see at all a pattern in a song (not previously knew that there are certain sequences, good sound, also if you same to another) Key plays)! The weekly emails help me also it to stay, it is as if someone beside you accompany the course. If same email info listed in the land register, they had not this effect. Is kinda like as a weekly bonus (man is probably knitted). Basically it’s me too quick, I need more time to practice, because I had a long break, and the chords with reversals were unfamiliar to me, I learn it here for the first time.

There is however no problem to take more time. At the time the e-mails refer to lessons that I have not yet looked. I save it me off for later). Overall, I think that I learned a lot in the first four weeks, although it sounds not so for others perhaps. I play my well known songs with the basic chords and 1 reverse and try to hear what sounds best where. I reach for some chords already without thinking much. Others I must still thinking through.

I’m very curious to what still comes, but I’m very grateful that I someone was leading me step by step. I asked before so many and I got the answer: “you just have to try, experiment, which comes from alone”. Well, I did not “of alone”. Never thought that I still one day “around would experiment”. I’m glad that someone has given me the hand tool. I think for anyone who would like to accompany songs a walk-in way opens up here! Learn to play piano has never been easier!