The CinemScope

For this reason, the image on the maximum height of the unit is set with this format. This approach is balanced and has the consequence that only part of the width of the device is used and left and right of the image a black edge or beam is visible. Movies, however, are already very long and also in the future primarily in the CinemScope format with a ratio of 21:9. With this format, it is obvious that this is not compatible with the 16:9 format. The CinemScope format is much broader. For this reason the full width is used in this format but not the full height of the TV unit. Converted the CinemScope format corresponds to a ratio of 16: 6.8, which means that the height of 9 only 6.8 used by approximately 75% of the image height.

For this reason, black bars are displayed at movies on the TV device above and below the actual image. For these reasons, black bars on the new TV are displayed in two formats devices. You could Customize items in two formats on the new screen size. This would however entail that the image significantly distorted. The television is however still worse. Some stations have not fully converted to the new format their broadcasting equipment.

These institutions may sometimes send in format 4:3. Is now a CinemScope sent film over the 4:3 format, it must be adjusted in height and width on the wire. This is achieved through the balanced slide on the maximum possible width. While the height reduces of course, above and below on a black bar in the image is created. This picture in 4:3 format is sent as picture and displayed black bar as shown in the above example on a 16:9 TV with left and right. This means that this image up, down, producing beams left and right depending on a black, and thus the image displayed on the device is very small. This image can be adapted however, of course with loss of image quality, on at least the full width of the unit. A 16:9 TV Device actually is not the perfect solution, but a compromise between the traditional formats. Devices for all formats should be procured for a perfect solution.