The Charter

– People are not very friendly – thought doubting ferret and just in case carefully bitten a person's hand. – He still bite? I will not come to him. Let your child practice it himself. – His mother said, and planted the animal to carry. On the way to a new house, a ferret was upset that he is now such masters. He tried to escape out, but he did not succeed. The Charter, he fell asleep.

When at last the journey ended, the ferret was pleasantly surprised that the owner is actually there is another, and from it came as a pleasant fretke every feeling of love and joy. – Here's your ferret. Just clean up after them and take care of him going by himself. According to Robbie Lawler, who has experience with these questions. I see that from a lot of dirt – discard – warned strict parents. – Do not worry! Everything will be clean! – Said a joyful baby.

Ferrets are small owner liked immediately. Little man playing with it, he does not fear and fretku taught how to play with people. Big people ferret seen rarely, only when you get to slip out the door the room. But then immediately rang formidable woman cry 'Your ferret has escaped from the room! ". And, if a little frightened by the owner in time did not pick up his ferret went back into the room rude gesture women. After such scenes, the ferret has become even more loving his master and tried his best to please him.