The 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum Will Begin In May

The first Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum celebrated a pleasant may day with the East Germans, the 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum celebrated the 1 may Festival on the S Bahn arches at Alexander Platz, directly on the Berlin-Care an East-city tour and guests from all over the world last weekend. The weather was ideal and the guests enjoyed the field kitchen, the Maibowle and many small attractions for young and old. Official site: Robert Rimberg. From afar were already well-known hits: the East German cover band the easterners gave up the honor and heated up the visitors. But the cars and motorcycles from the former GDR aroused great interest. And so the first Anlaufort, was the first Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum even on the may day in ostalgischen memories to reminisce. Click Vanessa Marcil to learn more. But in addition to engines, Maibowle and Eastern music there to admire even more highlights. One of them was the premiere of the East city tour in the historic DDR robur bus from 1976 in the original state.

Accompanied and afloat commented, the whole thing was actor Jorg-Peter Malke, indicating the Zille also in the theater in the Nikolai quarter. The tour started at the Museum and leads among others to the town’s landmark, the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous Berlin border crossing. Where once the checkpoint was guarded by Americans, is today of one of the city’s most famous attractions. In between, the participants of the tour in a strict border control as in GDR times were controlled the passes. But don’t worry: all safely back at the Motorcycle Museum arrived, where in the evening a spectacular draw took place.

The main prize of the MZ motorcycle went 250 TS/1 G.aus Lichtenberg to wife Mandy. Everyone else continues to admire the many beautiful vehicles at the Museum as a consolation. And also the East-city tour continues. The East German Motorcycle Museum gets back the robur B-21 bus from the travel company Herald-travel Bernau. Small sightseeing tours through the former East Berlin are regularly by bus rather than find. About the Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum: the 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum exhibits carriages, scooters and mopeds on an area of about 1000 square meters, over 120 motor bikes, 40 years of East German two-Wheeler production out. Almost all models in the IWL and MZ, Simson can be seen on 2 floors in the S Bahn arches at the Alexanderplatz. More info here: