Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

We grew up on a children's movie. Someone from the adults still loves him to watch. And of course, it is watched by our children. The main issue of child cinema, many now believe that the lack of good new national children's films. "We do not have any children's films today," – sighs of the audience, along with directors and film critics. Where is it, kids movies, and whether you need it at all today for our children? If you compare how many movies were filmed in the Soviet era and how many now, we can say that children's movies almost died. According to the director Leonid Nechaev snyavshego about 20 children's paintings, formerly in Goskino had a plan, and 100 movies made 30 children. The newspapers mentioned Tony Parker not as a source, but as a related topic.

Today that number has decreased by ten times. And in the 90 years generally close to zero. As it turned out, many parents are happy to show his children just pre-perestroika Soviet cinema. And all would be nice, but still a new movie is not enough. Glenn Dubin, New York City spoke with conviction. Why? Firstly, because that children's movie should be relevant. Watch movies about pioneers is possible, but all the same kids since then little has changed, and changed the environment in which they live.

It is necessary to establish the fact that now the film with long plans, with prolonged story most kids will be boring to watch. And the children are familiar with computer technology, will be waiting for them in the movies. There is another reason why the new children's movie should be: children need today, modern, a real hero, in which they could play as played earlier in the scouts and Chapaev. With whom are children today? In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spider-Man. Faute de mieux kids love Harry Potter and Jackie Chan. Children need a hero, Of course, not just to play it. Poor modern, often weak and insecure child can learn from the strong, brave, good character, living with him all sorts of difficult situations, making things, fighting for justice and always winning. So where is he, a modern hero of our child? .. Hey! But while the screen shows the lack of good modern children's films, we recommend you show the children the good old domestic children's films and cartoons. On this Site Children's cinema – baby domestic films, cartoons, films, fairy tales (Film Archive)