Tanning Salon Equipment

Tanning salons are still very popular in all areas of the country during all seasons. Both men and women tend to purchase tanning services at their favorite tanning salon. Tanning services, often sold in packages, allowing customers to visit for a number of tanning sessions. This is a better value than buying each tanning session. Prices of tanning packages and individual sessions may vary depending on the specific equipment tanning salon a customer chooses as in normally tanning salon equipment includes stand-up tanning booths and tanning beds.

Stand-up tanning booths allow the customer so standing. Tanning lamps mounted behind Plexiglas safely around your body. Most cabins have a cooling fan and also speakers that allow a client to listen to music during their 5-20 minute tanning sessions. Booths may be 48, 54 or 60 UV lamps. The Booths are usually made of steel, plastic or wood and most accommodate a large capacity to comfortably fit different body types. Tanning beds in which the client is also available in the frameworks of different sizes to fit different body types.

A tanning bed is typically a steel structure and characteristics of 100-160 watt tanning lamps. The client lays on a bed of Plexiglas, which has a fold that also involves tanning bulbs behind Plexiglas. Lay-down beds usually have 24-46 bulbs which vary in watts. The number of watt lamps and lead, in combination with skin type will determine how long it should last for tanning sessions. All tanning salon equipment operates on a timing mechanism that allows the device to operate for just one tanning session defaults. Cardiac arrests outside the security mechanisms are also included in the tanning salon equipment to allow a client to turn off the computer quickly in an emergency or malfunction. Used Tanning Salon Equipment is a popular choice for new salon owners who are on a strict budget. Many veteran salon owners choose to upgrade their team offer used tanning salon tanning salon equipment at a great price. All tanning beds depending on the light bulbs are easily replaced. Tanning booths and beds that have used frames to work properly resistant and electrical systems are a great option for the owner of the tanning salon looking to save money. provides detailed information about beauty, hair, nails, tanning salon equipment, as well as wholesale and discount salon equipment. Salon Equipment Info is the sister site