Taking Care Of Baby

So what is to please little kids in a month? First let's see, what's interesting one-month baby? We presume that he knows how. Vision. From the first day of life the child can recognize a clear shapes and bright colors. He was especially entertained by the moving objects, gently swaying. In this case, well, when they consist of several parts are clearly distinguished, preferably bright colors. Conclusion.

The toy has to choose a bright and uniform. Favorite colors are baby at this age: red, yellow, striped (black and white). The kid can not yet handle things, so give preference the one that hangs from the crib so he could examine it. In this case, it should be simple and easily recognizable form below. If you still want to give a fledgling pen baby rattle, take a rag.

They are very easy and the baby will be convenient for her to stay, he will miss things. Remember, every toy donated by you will be tested on a small taste of the researcher. Therefore, pay attention to the material from which it is made. Make sure that it was intact, and the child could not swallow a detached part. Sounds. A few weeks after birth, the baby can recognize the sounds. Rustling of paper, a gentle bell, and music. Many babies like classical music. It develops their ears and brings a love of harmony. Conclusion. Give a little bell. Obtain and souvenir, and a trifle: "delenkane", which will delight young. Today popular steel suspension at the door, who publish a gentle ringing.