Student Council

Of course, this event need to prepare: to make the election program, to campaign and win the trust audience. But before making a decision about participation in elections, should understand the difference between "elder" and "leader." Warden promotes students' science, is involved in the educational process, preparing and conducting lessons, responsible for discipline in the group. A leader, in turn, is organizing the free time of students, development of creativity, sports, public events and adoption of healthy lifestyles. After the election results are known, formed councils of elders and leaders of the councils of the course where children solve problems of an educational nature. See more detailed opinions by reading what movie star offers on the topic.. The next level of management – the Council elders and leaders of the Council of the Faculty.

The chairmen of these bodies also are elected by majority vote and represent their departments in the Student Council – the Senate, the highest representative body of student government. Students' interests – a high-level Senate consists of the House of elders and leaders of the House. It was created to coordinate the activities of student social organizations, facilitating the improvement of the educational process, organization of scientific work of students, social and legal support guys, recreation and leisure, etc. The President of the Student Council is elected by majority vote. Work in the Student Council – Senate promotes the skills of management, helping to learn fast and effective decision-making, develops teamwork skills. The guys who linked their lives with the student bodies Government of the Russian State Social University, believe they can make the lives of others brighter and more interesting. No wonder they say that the students – the most active part of the youth-oriented self-improvement, and therefore for the future.