Stefan Possnicker

By the way, a key figure on the way there was Andrea Berg. “We had a real low and wanted to go back in our old professions. Right there, called Andrea and her management and asked whether we would like to accompany them. We are broken almost in tears’, the two tell. You opportunity, go with the concert Gigantin on tour and win a huge fanbase for themselves.

Conclusion: “we will never forget that Andrea.” Meanwhile, the circle has closed. Andreas Ferber, the son of Andreas husband ULI, directs the management of fantasy now with Erich oxler. Together with the team of Ariola (Sony Music) and the career of fantasy is the new producer Stefan Possnicker (and Erich oxler) today on safe, solid legs. “Perseverance” Martin says that’s what it needs most of all for such a show career. “And that one” to believe and that makes what you find really horny.” When it all comes together, the job of a singer, so he, a chain reaction says: when writing songs with great fun, like the people, the live performances also work well. The good feedback of from fans motivated again for new songs, and so on and so forth. This formula is to fantasy. In addition to the own ambition, also the support of families and the private environment for both artists is an important factor.

Martin lives today with his wife Tanja and his son (8) in Berlin. Freddy “at the moment only with me alone is together”, but has three children living in food (21, 18, 15) from a previous marriage, and commutes between the metropolis of Ruhr area, Stuttgart, where the fantasy Office is, and his native Croatia. “As singer Yes anyway anywhere at home you. But I can relax best in Croatia. There is my home. There, I write my songs. When I’m sad, I think Croatian; “if I’m happy, german.” His songs writes significantly to German Freddy. Music is happiness. On their “best of” their greatest hits and personal highlights and also five new songs present fantasy. In December, they were with the smago! awarded newcomers of the year award. Fantasy are currently the most successful duo in terms of German Schlager.