Ski Resorts

When ski lifts stand still, is always in the ski areas still diligently worked attracts many tourists there over the summer for hiking, mountain biking or climbing in the mountains. That here in the winter is skiing, because probably no one thinks. But the operators of the ski resorts fall over the summer not in a sleeping beauty sleep: the slope surfaces are maintained and new lifts are. reported what happened in the summer in the ski areas. Animal aid in Styria, the winter season has left its mark on the meadows.

And you are now eliminated! So that natural vegetation can thrive again, the slopes must be maintained and (re -) cultivated. This means: put out seed, fertilize, mowing and protect the soil from erosion. A very special method has come the ski area Hauser Kaibling in Styria, Austria. Around 900 sheep ‘deal’ here the slope maintenance. In the framework of the Alpine lambs project, driven the animals up and grazing for 120 days on the meadows. Total sheep plaster in This time a million kilograms of grass, herbs and leaves! By the way, they strengthen the soil with their hooves. Also the operator of mountain railway see great advantages in the Alpine lambs project. Through the management of slope surfaces by sheep less maintenance costs and energy costs incurred for the Hauser Kaibling cable car by up to 50 percent in the summer.

The enormous reduction of fertilizer and the use of heavy machinery not only reduce the costs but also environmentally friendly,”says Arthur Moser, Managing Director of Hauser Kaibling. New lifts for the glacier preparing the operators of the mountain railways but also for the upcoming season. To cope with the large crowds at winter athletes, caused many new lifts. On the Zugspitze, about a 6 – seater chairlift will be completed, which will replace the double t-bar lift in the Wetterwandeck.