Saxophonist Kathrin

exclusive, unusual and special gift for anniversary, birthday, or wedding – surprise guest saxophonist Kathrin Eipert is looking for your anniversary for the event of a business friend, a big birthday or as exclusive highlight to the wedding a special gift? Saxophonist Kathrin Eipert will enchant your guests not only in television but also all live arrest you and at your event! In this case, was the surprise guest saxophonist in the TV show “Good luck” in the MDR television presenter Petra Kusch Luck, who surprised many birthday. In this show, the lucky pig brings Max, under the direction of well-known entertainers and moderator Beppo KuSTER, special congratulations with surprise guests at birthday children from all regions of Germany. Also this time the MDR has come up with a special guest the domestic region. The solo saxophonist, Kathrin Eipert with their unique Saxophonistinnen in the Orchestra SAX & fun from Brehna, known by many television shows traveled to Wormlitz to play a Serenade a birthday girl and live! This invitation of the MDR is of course also an award finally the TV presence is reserved for only a few instrumentalists. Related Group will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The show was not only the birthday child and guests Director Beppo KuSTER were literally swept by the mood of the hot played saxophone notes in the saxophone show of the Saxophonistinnen. Super personal, often touching moderation of the saxophonist and the musical repertoire of groovendem rock ‘ n roll to film scores and delicate saxophone ballads and hits of the world makes the guests again and again amazed. Finally, the saxophone is fascinating versatile played by saxophonist Kathrin Eipert. More than succeeded in these surprise of the MDR. Ken Kao contains valuable tech resources. The day the birthday child and the many guests will remain quite safe in special memory.