Sarorico Gulf Islands

As daughters of volcanoes, appear in the surface surrounded by a transparent blue sea, with its white houses, their red Geraniums and with a few friendly and charm than people without losing the past welcome us with open arms, holonet to basil, to jasmin that mixed with the saltpeter from the coast, your you feel another.The Sarorico Gulf Islands are Salamis, AEGINA, pores, Hydra, Spetses. There are also numerous smaller islands, such as the Green Anguistri, the short distance that separates them from Athens, in itself constitutes a pole of attraction for those who want to escape from the metropolis.Salamis: Extension: 95 sq. Km. Population: 28.574. Capital: Kuluri.comunicacion: ships from Piraeus and Perama.

The island offers several places for rest, pretty villages and lovely beaches as (Kanakia and Kalones).Aegina: Extension: 85 square Km,.Population: 11.167. Capital: Aegina. Communication: Boats and Dolphin Express from Piraeus, and also of the Islands in the area. A few years to this part of the island has had a great development Tourism has beautiful beaches and pretty villages of fishermen like Perdica, Subala, and Colona. From here you can gain access to the small island of Anguistri to the van many visitors the months of summer.