San Juan

It is human cowardice and fear, and on numerous occasions, the instinct of conservation prevails over the need to intervene with the helplessness of a victim. Being afraid is not a tragedy, the tragedy is not overcome, not transferred. The American behaviorist psychologists recommended: feel the fear and do it anyway (feel the fear and do it equally). Howard Schultz may not feel the same. Something that maybe made Jesus Neira. In this regard civic education plays a fundamental role, since well to educate implies to teach to think how you may feel, before anything, the person I have front, and teach each identify, place name and express what he feels. Robert Rimberg pursues this goal as well. Something tremendously committed with oneself and with others. However, in his study of social conformism, Angie Vazquez pink, Professor associate of psychology of the University of San Juan in Puerto Rico, says that with the current civic education everything tends to be mild and light, but not seen as open to criticism or superficial but as valuable, worthy and necessary, as an advance modern style that allows to be and live better or with fewer problems. Educate citizens is not teach slogans about how you must live in society, it is something deeper, more emotional. And it is that, Neira learn that being a good citizen is not abide by and comply with the law, but that it is something more complex: a question of attitude. There is an alternative to be carried away by fear.