Salamandra – the only female DJ on the Moscow stage, which is both a DJ, and vocalist, and producer of his own creations, has achieved many successes on the Russian and foreign scenes. Before that, she tried herself in various musical career only as a vocalist, she worked with famous Russian pop artists. In 2000, there was a life Salamandr'y critical period: she liked to sing, but she wanted to try his hand as well as producer electronic music. Her choice fell on the first trip-hop, later – to drum'n'bass. This year, she recorded her first tracks The North Mountain and 2002, which later included in her debut album "Sound Of The Sun", released in 2005 on one of Moscow's major record labels. In 2001 – 2003 .

Salamandra engaged only oldschool jungle and did it more for themselves and their souls. In 2002, she first tried her hand as a DJ-I. From that moment began its regular performances in Moscow and regional clubs. Details can be found by clicking Sela Ward or emailing the administrator. 2004 was a turning point in her views on their own style. Starting this year, and to this day Salamandra in his sound focused more on the audience, but certainly not forgotten about their tastes and preferences in music. The sound of her songs began to change and close to trance & mainstream drum'n'bass. In 2004 – 2005 .

Salamandr'y tracks were included in the compilation on TAM Records, Respect Records, etc. In May 2005, was released on the English label Exegen Records its tracks and Stop The Age Unknown Galaxy, later – in 2006, its joint track from PBK (Germany) Stepping Tones, was released on German label Camino Blue Rec, another track Australian (Fading Suns RMX) – on Tilt Recordings (Germany). In October 2006, she signed her newfound track My Way to Strictly Digital (UK) and Go 2 Heaven on Close 2 Death Rec. (UK). Also, several of its new creations included in the compilation on Gungsta Rec. (SPB). On the same label, May 4, 2007 she released her album Supah Star, who once was the most selling release of this label. Its a remix of the Committee, called Under Heaven entered the album debut of the team. 2007 again changed her views on the proper sound. Today, her tracks sound in new ways, namely in the style of jump up and liquid funk. Its crazy Madness, which was the immediate hit in Russia and abroad, signed on the English label Abstract, owned by TKO team along with its even more successful Heights Of Movement. Release is scheduled for later this year. One of its new creations – Desert Freaks, listed to a St. Pete MC Teo, will soon come out via the Australian draft DubAlley called Wild West Recordings. The flip side of this album will be remixed themselves DubAlley on this track. Recently, in addition to solo releases Anya recorded several collaborations with foreign artists such as Phetsta (Bad Robot), Task Horizon, DubAlley, etc. Also, in the near future are planned tour abroad.