Sakura Sasuke

Oh no, for large Sakura followers of this should be a low blow, Sakura has always been the person controlling the emotions of the group and asked to do it right from the first episodes of Naruto. Sakura has always been the glue that holds the group together, Naruto and Sasuke have always been in a constant battle that Sakura’s eyes seem rather childish, but because they could carry their emotions on and focus on skills development . She always wanted to learn and be strengthened to help their friends, to represent an icon of gentleness, strength and wisdom. So began his training as a medical ninja, really seems that Sakura has always been on the side of goodness, passion and friendship towards the people around him and the village where he grew up. But in recent episodes in the manga printed in Japan, we have noticed that Sakura is far from the people around him, absorbed in thought, on one hand seems to feel guilty that Naruto has to bear the responsibility to try to recover Sasuke no matter what happens (Task Naruto has taken very personally!),

And on the other it seems that still can not overcome that desire or platonic love she has for Sakura Sasuke apparently can not tolerate the pressure of his logic or their own feelings, and goes to Naruto to ask him to stop, lying to try to convince him that he loves, but when it does not work tells everyone who is willing to personally kill him, so he meets with his friends and starts the search. And at the right time when they are really close to Sasuke, Sakura released bombs that put everyone to sleep, he goes personally to the point of encounter with the enemy and to have it right in front, when there appeared to have all the will to attack, screams with all his might that he just wants to go with it, you want to leave the village and their friends to follow it wherever it leads. Discover the real intentions of Sakura, really leave everything you know for someone who can not even recognize at first sight, or will it have any plans hand can save our friend from the path of darkness and revenge Find this and more in one of the best sites for.