Russian Sappho

Autumn was a rainy day. Weather lousy, but ahead of two hours waiting to be while away. Of all the entertainment – just nipped the disc with your favorite music in radio, mobile games with bored, sullen pedestrians on the street and a volume of poetry in the back of the machine, purchased once in passing in a small shop and did not open ever since. Given the dreariness of the situation and almost broken a quarrel with the woman heart, poetry – the best way. So took my acquaintance with the work of Sophia Parnok, whose poems have left a deep imprint on the soul. I do not pretend to the role of the researcher of this remarkable poet.

About her many articles and books, it left a bright trace in the poetry of the Silver Age, and because I only share their own experiences, which remain after an acquaintance with the facts of her life. Our community, no doubt, Sophia Parnok known before just as beloved by Marina Tsvetaeva. Their brief affair lasted about a year and opened a new chapter in the work of Marina Tsvetaeva, and we, the fans of her work, gave remarkable cycle of poems "friend". And yet, Sophia Parnok and her poems are worthy, in my opinion, much more than stay in the shade of her famous lover. Sophia was born in 1885 in Taganrog, a respected Jewish family.

Early lost her mother, who died after giving birth twins Elizabeth and Valentine. With his father relations went wrong, as he quickly forgot about the death of his wife and tied the knot with a governess for their children. Sophia was a beautiful girl, bright, temperamental, clever. She had beautiful hair and great gray eyes. Her first love was junior Hope Polyakov. They met in the Crimea and their relationship lasted a long five years.