Business by Internet, fact or fiction? Many of us spend much time on the computer, working or looking for information, but almost never think about the business potential that today represents the internet by today. How you can learn to generate revenue using a tool (the internet) that is so extensive and that makes us arrive anywhere in the world, and we have it all simply can’t think of us the days in front of us! As you are reading this article right now. However, it is also known, there are cyber fraud and that across the internet connection, we don’t know who is, and don’t know their intentions. So, in the majority of cases we have mistrust or fear, and simply do ignore the offer or business that is presented to us over the internet. When we know the source of supply, i.e., we know that he is a reputable company that has presence, marketing, with prestige, it is likely that we accept his offer and that we can enter into a business relationship. It is also recommended that whatever the case, always inquire first. That is very healthy and we give the possibility of deciding what to do. Now well, what need us the internet? ‘ First to nothing, is an endless source of information, we can consult, Exchange, research, etc.

and the second is a source of potential customers for internet marketing. This last, we can say that we have several marketing schemes: companies that promote their products and services over the internet and who want to presence, image, so that they can be contacted in the yellow section. Then we have companies that sell products online and perform their sales on a web portal, with prices established and policies so that the customer can choose to pay with credit card, bank deposit, PayPal, and you can choose the freight or shipping to most convenient for you.