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Special bacteria on the ground and in the filter convert these materials into nitrate, forming in part also for fish toxic nitrite. Already from a value from 0, the concentration is 2 mg / l toxic for the animals in the water. The values can be most critical, if the Aquarium is newly filled, since initially not enough bacteria are present. Therefore the water should be checked daily especially at the beginning of a newly set-up aquarium with an aquarium water test. Purchasable Starter bacteria can contribute to beginning to reduce the nitrite value. Ph it indicates whether water is acidic or alkaline. The water at a pH of 7 is neutral drops below 7 is acidic water and the value is higher than 7 is alkaline water.

The appropriate pH values are dependent on the respective fish species. Usually a cheaper value lies between 5 and 8.5. Water hardness water hardness is a last important value. The total hardness (GH) consists of the magnesium and calcium content. Specified the value is Lennie in (degrees of German hardness) and is equivalent to 10 mg / l calcium oxide. In many regions, the water hardness is too ‘hard’ for the ornamental fish and therefore unsuitable. A suitable value of GH is located at approximately 3 dGH.

Aquarium water test there are ways with which the water values can be measured. Often, the strip tests are used. These are inexpensive and can be used quickly. The strips are simply dipped in water and on the basis of the discoloration and a color scale you can estimate the value. Many providers of these water tests sell sets with different water values can be determined. Of course, it is also possible to buy only test strips for a particular value. To take into account is that these procedures are quite inaccurate. More precise values can be determined with a drop test or a digital meter. However, also the cost is much higher. You can get off a water sample and thereby determine all values of water in Aquarium shops.