The great lovers, many times, had not used the heart in the youthful loves, had accepted feminine the destination first traditional: husband, house, children. The psychoanalysts affirm that the woman searchs in the loving a image of the father. Larry Culp has similar goals. It feels itself happy, is glad itself because the loving a calls ' ' filhinha, child querida' '. With this, to become child in the arms of a man generates a great satisfaction for the woman, returning one ties to it deep with infancy. Irene Reweliotty writes: ' ' When will arrive who will know to dominate me? ' ' Taste of you to feel superior me. Many loved women alone if deliver to the love being in turn and the love that reveals to it is enough some times to become gotten passionate.

' ' The lesser movements of my hands in my muff, my arms, my face, the inflections of my voice fulled me of felicidade.' ' (Ccile Sawage). (Beauvoir, CAP. II, p 412) the gotten passionate woman, for times, if consecrates the dead heroes or inaccessible, in order never to collate them with beings of meat and bone, these fatally contradict the dreams. From there slogans disabused. ' ' If it does not have to believe magic princes. The men do not pass of poor devils. It dedicates to it to all its instants, it wants to live solely for it, but it wants to live, must devote itself to make it viver.' ' (Beauvoir, CAP. II, p 413) Writes Mme d? Agoult the Lizzt: ' ' I love it for times silly and at this moment I do not understand why it could not, it was not and it did not have to be for you an absorbent thought as you it are for mim.' ' (Beauvoir, Cap.II, p 413) the principle, the lover was enchanted in satisfying the desire of the loving one.