Professor Panksepp

That is quite a serious person in more than a serious magazine reported on their research, according to which many animals know how to laugh, just laugh a little differently than a man. Monkeys and dogs, publish, such as puffing sounds, and the rats squeak, and at very high tones, up to a frequency of 50 kilohertz. In rats, Professor Panksepp notes special attention because it was he who in 2003 opened their ability to laugh. Professor Panksepp thinks that the ability to laugh at the person appeared before he gained the ability to speak. Moreover, in his opinion, laughter represents a very ancient emotional response that existed before the evolution of man. Neural networks are responsible for the laughter, located in the 'old' areas of our brain, in those of its structures, which are available for many animals. It was found that rats that worked his group, like people, are divided into those who are endowed with 'humorous', and those who, in this sense there is a deficit. As the researchers played with the rats, tickling them, tapping finger and causing the 50-kilohertz 'rat laughter', they became more and more contact, more often required to continue the game, and to communicate between themselves like rats preferred to those that are most often 'laugh'.

Professor Panksepp thinks that humanity is at the end of the intellectual era when people are denied to other animals in the existence of the mind and its attendant emotions, especially laughter, which in the end made of man by man, because laughter activates brain. This, in turn, will promote research extremely mind, allow us to better understand themselves, and along with our other younger brothers. 'We have already brought rats, which more inclined to the game and the 'laughter', and in the future we hope to identify their genes responsible for laughs' – says Panksepp. So much for April Fool's joke! It turns out that it is only a short time ahead of actual ongoing study. Just laugh at the chickens! True, the cure for lack of a sense of humor, even if it ever appears, is unlikely to be rabid demand. It is known that the lack of a sense of humor is like alcoholism – a man may recognize that it stupid, cowardly, does not perceive the music and does not know how to knit maritime sites, he may even confess to some intimate their vices, but the lack of a sense of humor … No, it's not about him. We, those who have a sense of humor is, down laugh at such.