Production Of Electric Power Pylons From Scratch

Metal electric poles have several advantages over conventional reinforced concrete pillars. for example, cost that is lower, thanks to technology and labor costs of manufacturing, second, spending for the installation of poles, metal supports much easier w / b require less according to their characteristics and dimensions of lifting mechanisms; in the third, layout solutions that open up the use of steel poles is much more varied because of the flexibility of production, with production there is no need for expensive tech. snap-in, all done on a universal hardware. On the territory of Russia today, all power lines are obsolete and deteriorated by 65% the same As for lighting and poles, ie, the need to replace the crumbling pillars of relevance and demand. Add to your understanding with San Antonio Spurs. Adaptive equipment for manufacturing poles of power lines makes it possible to make and another range products such as lighting poles, steel towers, antenna masts, etc. For the organization of manufacturing poles of power lines are not tender a large fleet of equipment, of course it all depends on production volume and product design, which in turn requires detailed analysis and persanalnogo approach, but in plain sight is the technology of production is as follows.

High-altitude bearings are made of steel profiles is usually a standard angles, channels or pipes. Production can also be arranged on your own materials are made to fit your needs and your own requirements, this should be in manufacture shears for cutting sheet and listogib cnc bending it to the desired profile. There are lots of constructive solutions, and again each require clarification, we consider two basic types of collapsible and collapsible design, the manufacture of one-piece designs simplified technological process looks like cutting corners in size, cut seats and weld the finished design, with a corresponding set of equipment to perform these operations such as: cutting machine, welding machine, manual plasma. Simplified production split products following, cutting pipe, forming seats, forming fasteners, holes, an example set of cutting tools machine, hand plasma installation, drilling machine, welding machine. From the above we can conclude that it is difficult to evaluate a set of equipment needed to produce, process, cost manufacture of products, etc., without a specific task, evaluation of design ..