Power Supply System

Among the services of companies specializing in security and safety include: design, installation (installation), modernization and maintenance of fire alarm systems. In what areas need fire alarm? Given the fact that the fire alarm system can prevent fires and save property and lives, its significance can hardly be overstated. In essence, the fire alarm system not only requires virtually all the industrial buildings, but is economically viable even on small enterprises. There is always a risk of fire as during some specific works (repair and construction), so and in everyday use appliances in offices. Objects with a large area (warehouses, large work space, galleries) were the first customers of the installation of fire alarm systems as well as losses from fire would be very significant and far cheaper than the installation and monthly maintenance alarm. However, small rooms, no less in need of fire alarm systems. In a small office building in the heart of people are great danger in case of fire, and at night it just may not notice. In this case, the fire would harm not only you but also your neighbors, and consequently, responsibility increases significantly.

Fire alarms in the case – the basis of any security system and is required on virtually any obekte. alarm system (abbreviated OS). How many centuries, there is humanity, so much time and there is a problem of theft. In different times it has been solved in different ways. Locks and security guards, dogs and mechanical traps. Everything went into action to protect their property. But with the advent of technological progress almost everywhere began to use technical remedies.

And the first alarm. The security alarm is an electronic device that allows you to always be confident in the safety of your home, office, apartments, warehouses, manufacturing premises in a particular area. Burglar alarm system is designed to prevent unauthorized access to the protected zone (room). Typically, it consists of a control panel (centralized) – a device which collects and analyzes information from the security sensors. This is the central security performs pre-programmed functions in it, played with drawdown alarm detectors. Also in the equipment includes remote control that displays the status of the alarm is used for its programming, and performs setting and disarming. At a minimum set should also include uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), cable network and, of course, security sensors. Alarm sensors themselves are of many kinds, depending on whether the factor which they react. The most common of them – three-dimensional infrared (IR sensors), magnetic (reed), acoustic, vibration, ultrasonic, radiation, capacitive, and security sensors with a directional pattern detection. Burglar alarms – protection against theft, burglary, unauthorized access.