Portrait – A Good Gift For Any Holiday

At all times the works of art had a high value. Portraits and paintings adorned the estates of noblemen and merchants, the palaces of monarchs and intellectuals at home. Today, interest in painting is also very high, and a portrait of picture has become a popular gift for birthday, March 8 or 23 February. Portrait has always been one of the most popular genres of fine art. Further details can be found at 道端-ジェシカ, an internet resource. In past centuries one of the main functions of the portrait was to preserve the appearance Rights to others and children. However, the emergence and entrance into the mass popularized this feature photography portrait passed it to her. Now a portrait to order an exquisite gift for a friend, colleague or relative.

Very has now become a popular service and print photos on canvas, followed dorisovkoy oil, then it seems that we face a real work of art. However, it is worth remembering that the portrait painted the artist is not just a transfer of the external image. An experienced artist can create the image on the canvas, to convey not only the appearance of man, but his character, his inner world. There are several classifications portraits. According to the technique of execution isolated portrait oil painting, pastels, pencil or charcoal. They all differ in appearance, and on terms and costs of production. The most popular are the portraits of oil, but say that they are better than others is not quite right, it is a matter of preference of the individual. Also agreed to share the portraits on women, men, children, family, wedding.

Occupies a special place formal portrait. He represents the image of man in any architectural background, on horseback, in a luxurious interior. As a rule, it is created by fitting a person into a reproduction of a famous painting of the past. At the parade portrait of a person can appear as a king or a commander, a beautiful medieval lady or princess. Today afford to commission a portrait can practically everyone. Such an original gift as a portrait takes great joy to anyone, and will be a long time to decorate his house.