Porsche Museum

This was due to the good availability of mineral material HI-MACS (product and brand of LG) be guaranteed. So the Rosskopf & partner could deliver the desired wall surfaces, landings and railings in only five months group as a supplier of semi-finished products. During this period, Rosskopf & Partner AG supported the exporting companies in the development of the components, produced the components as prefabricated elements, and provided the individual elements to the new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. In particular the following components for these companies were made: pre-assembled panel plates for parapet walls with integrated handrails source-air outlets on duplication for fire protection doors various platforms and aprons 50 exhibit carrier in the color Black S22, steles in addition to made various cabinets and counters for the commissioned interior design company. In particular the benches were Library wall cabinets my Porsche”(total 14 sq m) was covered with mineral material Pantrytheke for the restaurant area the special challenge of this project initially necessarily required absolute color equality of the individual components. Also, the processing of very large contiguous areas was required. An expansion joint could partly be provided only every 15 m.

The detailed solutions of overhanging wall falls presented a challenge, which had to be faced. “For this solution, Rosskopf & partner group developed new adhesive techniques for HI-MACS (product and brand of LG), to the specific requirements for so-called over head apron” to meet. As new temporary mounting methods were developed by the Rosskopf & partner group for the duration of the setting time of the cement of the mineral material. Rosskopf & partner group also has the contracting interior design companies in a variety of technical decisions (building the walls, fixtures, installation processes, surface) advise and customers especially in the installation (gluing, sanding) supported by training. The just-in-time delivery of the respective items on the construction site was a request to be resolved rather easily in this project for the solution of the aforementioned challenges.