Every childhood is associated with some special things and objects. A glance or hint at the subject enough to the world of childhood came to life before our eyes in the most vivid colors. Many such start in childhood issue swing. That swings for children, standing in every yard on the playgrounds were a favorite attraction in the years when we come into life. Swing filled life excitement, fun and of course risk.

After all, perform dangerous stunts on the swing could not everyone, but those who managed to overcome his fear, necessarily becomes a hero yard playground. This does not mean that the swing was only a symbol of heroism and skill, they easily gave peace and serenity. Slowly rocking or spinning in a baby swing, we forgot about everything and plunge into a fantasy world. And today when we are alienated from the childhood years, enough to sit on the swing or watch how to play it children to forget their sorrows and environmental fuss. In the early and mid-nineties, many courts in our country have lost their playgrounds, and with them began to disappear and baby swings.

Where to start somewhere, so yes, and stood at years of unauthorized building somewhere all hunters pilfered metal, but somewhere playgrounds just had deteriorated over time. So there were children ignorant of carefree joy of swinging on a swing. Of course, this place in their minds occupied by other objects, but we are confident that they were deprived of something very important. Only in recent years, with children's playgrounds began gradually changing for the better. Returned to the tradition of arrangement yards of multi-storey buildings, there were areas with swings for children, children who have returned from the entrances under the open sky. Maybe swing again become a symbol of childhood and bring joy and fun.