Perez Gomes

The prompt ASD must be assduas and, watching over for discipline generality, being moderate and delicate in the treatment with the pertaining to school community, do not have to allow the exit of pupils without the had authorization, also to veto the ingression of not authorized people, at last, to fulfill the relative activities to its function. 4 PRACTISE IT PROFESSOR practise It professor were carried through of day 06/06/2011 the 10/06/2011, in the vespertine period, the classroom count on 18 pupils between 4 and 5 years of age, that are starting its alfabetizao, in the cited week could have had a bigger deepening of the knowledge of letter J, through diverse activities that involved ludicidade, motor coordination and expressividade, one perceives then as the planning is important so that the professor obtains to analyze the differences and what more he is adjusted for its practises. More information is housed here: Sequel Youth and Family Services. As Sancristn and Perez Gomes apud Weiduschat (2007, P. 70) ‘ ‘ The plans lead more to the previous search of the adjusted materials. Its relation if becomes an explicit process of release to choose most convenient. One also notices that in the docncia it is basic if to keep a good relation professor-pupil and pupil-pupil, so that if reach the learning. ‘ ‘ It is not possible to learn and to apprehend on the world, on the things, if we will not have the other, that is, is necessary that somebody attributes meant on the things, so that let us can think the world ours volta.’ ‘ It hisses (2007, P. 12). For if dealing with a school with very great a cultural diversity, the professor must be intent the social differences of its pupils, ‘ ‘ psychology places the necessity of the pedagogical action to understand the pupil in its social, cultural and economic context, therefore thus, the professor will be knowing its thoughts, its forms of if relating with the world with coisas.