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The civic culture can be understood as a set of behaviors, attitudes, values and perceptions that lead the citizen to respect the rules of the society on a voluntary and spontaneous, which will lead to creating a foundation for peaceful coexistence. To be harmonious relations must be recognized rules, sharing and respect. But one requirement is important: these rules must be known, accepted and respected by all individuals. Would otherwise be or symbol or, at best a dead letter code, but not an element to ensure peaceful coexistence. We believe a good citizen education Decalogue may be the following: voluntary compliance standards of society. Note that we emphasize the fact that attention to the rules should be voluntary. In this way society and the citizen makes every effort to avoid conflicts. Consider the right to life as the ultimate expression of coexistence.

There is no right more important than this and the authorities and citizens must make every effort to ensure it. Life is not just your heart beat and oxygen into the lungs. You have the right to a decent life which involves access to food, study, medical care, recreation and all the elements that allow a full enjoyment of their existence. Designing the community as a civilized and pluralistic setting. The community is the context in which we live and share and be a space for all and for all. Contribute actively to the conservation and improvement of society's resources. The resources to be obtained, enjoyed and pampered.

Art Galleries In Venice

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Two centers of pilgrimage, two shrines for true connoisseurs of art are very close to Venice. This Gallery of the Academy and Scuola Grande San Rocco. Gallery of the Academy was formally founded by the Senate of Venice, 12 September 1750. The first director of the Academy was Giambattista Piazzetta. Under the building of the Louvre, used Venetian church of Santa Maria della Carita in the adjoining room of the monastery of Lateran Canons. Geographically Gallery Academy is located near the confluence of the Grand Canal in a lagoon, a 15-minute leisurely walk from Piazza San Marco, opposite the bridge of the Academy, which was built during the ownership of Venice by the Austrians.

Scuola San Rocco, with the same name by the church next to the famous acting Frary. Both galleries are museums of the highest order – the guardians of the highest achievements of world art. One listing of names – Giorgione, Carpaccio, Bellini, Titian, Vernoze, Tintoretto, Francesco Guardi, Vivarini, Bernardo Strozzi – leads to the thrill of a true lover of art. And some artists, such as Vernoze and Tintoretto are not individually, but entire rooms. Describe yourself painting does not make sense. They are best seen. While some tourists and limit visits to galleries as soon as a visit to the beautiful cafe at the entrance. Saves time, but to visit Venice and not be in its museums is like that go into a restaurant and have lunch.

Creating Sculptural Works

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Sculpture – a type of fine art, whose works are voluminous, three-dimensional shape and made of hard plastic or materialov.Snachala sculptor sculpts miniature plasticine or clay, transmitting the original idea. Then reproduces a sketch in clay in a larger size and modify ego.Skulptura large clay is placed on the frame (from the iron rods, wire, pieces of wood), strengthening on the machine – a tripod with a rotating horizontal board. With a script fashioned from clay plaster is removed, the so-called 'rough shape', consisting of two or more parts. It just repeats the model, only backward, concave shape. The original clay model at the same time destroyed, so as to free form, have it removed from the clay. Then, on the exact form of cast plaster reproduction of the model, the so-called 'Casting'.

With the release of the casting form cracks and, thus, this so-called 'rough shape' is destroyed. If you need to make some plaster samples, with the resulting castings have removed two, so called 'lump', made up of many parts. Packed into a casing (general tire, bringing together all the pieces), 'lump' provides an opportunity to mold and cast the following instances of plaster, concrete or methods art castings of various metallov.Dlya get several identical models of sculptures made of wax used flexible form. In order to replicate wax models for casting sculptures, or similar items artistic works such as cast ornaments for artistic fence, make a rubber mold. Sculptures made of metal – color, black or precious as the completion of the process making necessarily require a decorative finish. And it not only improves the appearance of sculptures, forged or openwork lattice of the fire, chased relief or artistic casting, but also protects the product, created in any technique, from the external environment, extending their age.


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Terry towels and bathrobes today – it's not just ordinary items that need to be in the bathroom and bedroom. They have become an integral part of the style of your home. Towels and robes should be of good quality, beautiful and at the same time without losing its functionality hygiene items. Terry products create a cozy atmosphere in every home and serve as a calling card to its owner, talk about his interests and pristrastiyah.Mahrovy gown was an integral part of household's wardrobe for many people. There is nothing nicer than to spend the evening with a cup of sweet tea after taking a bath, wrapped in a warm and fluffy bathrobe. So what's all the same gown you need: Velour or dressing? Velour bathrobe – an easy, lint, it has a slim and compact, it can be called summer, it is useful for everyday use at home, he does not restrict movement. Bathrobe is more suitable to dress him after taking a bath. It is more fluffy, heavy and pleasing to the touch.

Modern, high-quality terry products are made of cotton with different density, sometimes with the addition of fashion. If you are adherent of the classics, you suit dyed towels. Wide range of colors will pick terry towels with any decor. Finish towels are as different as the color palette and is designed for different age categories. For example, Young people often choose towels with images of animals, for middle-aged people fit the classic – with embroidered floral subjects, and children – applique fairy tale or cartoon characters.

The Language

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Ready to proceed to an independent study of the language, you need to take care of the textbook. How to choose a textbook? It is interesting that on the same textbooks in a variety of people learning the language, can be the most opposite opinions. Why is this happening? Because the features of perception different people have different. Someone understands the rules, if a textbook for a long time, and explain them in detail, someone on the contrary, soon perceives the material in the form of charts and tables accompanied by brief explanations. Differently perceived by even the layout of the material in the textbook, studying the sequence of grammatical forms and rules! Do not trust any stranger recall, trust your instincts. Therefore, we can advise the only way to choose a textbook – go to the store and begin to just take off the shelf tutorial, and leafing through and reading it from the first pages, try to understand what it says. Feel free to choose the one which you seemed to understand.

This means that it is on it will be easier to learn the language. Later, when you begin to engage in systematic, when acquainted with the basic concepts of language, you can in addition buy as many books as you will need to work more efficiently, you can even learn different sections for different books. Say, the verb forms – from a single textbook, and the declination of nouns cases will – from the other, and the texts for reading and training in translation – from the third.

The Root Of Life

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Ginseng – is low, up to 80 cm plant reaches the age of more than 100 years. Under natural conditions, ginseng blooms on 10-11 year, in August-September ripe fruit – fleshy, bright red berries. At this time you can harvest the roots, but Only large, not less than 10 grams. Ginseng is used as a tonic, stimulating and adaptogenic tools that enhance the body's resistance to disease. Ginseng has a positive effect on the function gonads, is useful in chronic gastritis. Tincture of ginseng root 40-50 g pour cold sweet boiled water.

After 3-4 hours the water is drained, the root is cut into pieces, pour 500 ml of vodka, and insist in a dark place for 3 weeks. Take 10 ml of 1 time per day for 30 minutes before meals, no washing down. Within two weeks of daily infusions of vodka topped up to the original volume. The course of treatment – 90 days with two breaks of 10 days – repeat in 1 year. Ginseng is not recommended in the acute infectious diseases, hypertension, children under 16 years and during the summer heat. Tincture of Pharmacy 20-25 drops 2-3 times a day in the morning as antitoxic, radioprotective tool for bedwetting, to enhance potency in asthenic conditions after birth, and 2 times a day – with heart diseases, hepatitis, mental and physical fatigue, after a serious illness and operations.

Why Would A Car Need A Battery ?

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The main problem is battery life – starting a car engine. Also, the battery helps the generator in the power supply of various energy consumers vehicle. After all, on modern cars usually installed a large number of customers current – powered, powerful music systems, a large number of lighting fixtures, etc. When driving in traffic generator is not always itself to cope with supply all consumers. That in such cases to help him and comes battery. Well, the third function battery – powered electroconsumers car with the engine off. But the main thing to remember in time run engine to recharge the battery. After all, if the battery is completely discharged, it will lose some of its power characteristics that will lead to more rapid failure. Yet we should not forget that Battery is an alternative source of energy, resulting in all appliances in working position in case of failure of the generator. In this case, the battery can provide the movement of the car to the nearest service station.

Carl Memory

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Mobile Phone Nokia N97 mini – is the brother of fashionable version of Nokia N97, which has different dimensions (113mm x52. H14.2mm 5mm), another memory, and therefore its cost is lowered. In principle, this is all the differences between bleznetsami N97. All functions in Nokia N97 Mini is the same as that of the his predecessor. Phone is built on the popular platform S60 (fifth edition), and is oriented in the main, the online-services. According to its uniform factor Nokia N97 Mini – a slider (side), which has a functional keyboard qwerty, nice your hand and weighs 138 grams.

Smartphone supports memory cards microSD, has an internal memory vvosem gb (predecessor thirty-two GB). Nokia N97 Mini has two colors – garnet (Garnet) and black cherry (Cherry Black), with a metal trim bezel. The back side of the metal. In disclosing the smartphone angle between the keyboard and the screen is equal to thirty-five degrees. Display Nokia N97 Mini has a diagonal of 3.2 inches, the resolution in 640h360 points, and shows more than sixteen million colors.

Proximity sensor (proximity sensor) – an unusual ability of the phone. When a person brings the smartphone to the face, the sensor will immediately automatically locks the screen. The volume of the battery 1200 mAh, which provides up to 320 hours smartphone standby, up to 7 hours of talk time, as well as continuous music about thirty hours. Nokia N97 Mini has a camera with optics Carl-Zeiss, which has a resolution of five megapixels, led flash and auto focus that allows you to make beautiful pictures. Communications from the phone has Bluetooth 2.0 with edr, and also has a module to support wireless networks Wi-Fi. Nice point is the presence in the phone fm radio.

Isaac Babel

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Talking about Odessa tales and stories, and even more so to write under the heading "Odessa miniature" after Isaac Babel and not funny to do. Planck's humor, they have installed, fascinates and repels. But as they say in Odessa, hilarious anecdote – it is entertainment that is available on city streets and, moreover, absolutely free. Odesa city, where any information can be a source of health and good spirits. Ask how to get to Privoz, and learn how wine is sold there 30 years ago. Pointeresuetes, how many times, and learn how it was two hours ago. In the minibus, the wish to leave here, you have landed there.

Advise, do not spit past boxes, because the city street is your face. You give in to the place my grandmother in a tram, and hear that she's just not enough sleep. Coming out of the bus, you offer an unknown woman, hand to hand out, and hear – "Are you serious?" Smiled the retiree at the bus stop, – "And what I have said something funny? Repeat, and then I did not hear. " You ask the cashier at the store, why is it so dark, and you get – "You smile wrapped, or are we here laugh? "And do not give you a god address from Odessa to the question -" Do not you know "It hurt, can only be a very interesting person, because he learns everything that nowadays is to say from Odessa, but it's a long time. And it does not matter what you wanted to ask, just wait until you tell about it. In Odessa, they know everything, but if you do not know, then guess better than you know. In Odessa, did not come up with funny stories and novels, so live in Odessa.

Episode on the street is anecdote, a short dialogue turns into a thumbnail, and if you doubt the words of the speaker, already have a free listen to a monologue. Do you know why in Odessa, such expensive tickets for concerts? That's right, pay those who can not hear music Odessa streets and sees no humor around. For Odessa is a disease, and for treatment to be paid. Well, if Odessa still goes to the theater, and there he will tell more than he offered. We answer a question with a question from an excess of overwhelms us information, specifying your interest. You want to know everything or gradually? Girl, you're sure you need a library? Well, think about, here's my phone. Decide to call, gone tomorrow off. You say that it is not story? Quite right, it's just talk, but you must admit, still a little bit, Odessa. A man in a lingerie shop exploring widely presented collections from leading designers around the world. Manager of the hall to the rescue .- Hello, you suggest something? – Me? Suggest? Though – he looks round the shapely girlish figure – if only to show! – You tell me who you're going to make a gift, and I'll help you. – Of course, his wife. Girl lays out a pile of catalogs, and begins with enthusiasm and gusto to tell. The man listened for a long time, saw flashing fishnet combinations, then pondered, sighed, and asked – Do you have anything Soviet was left? -? – I flight for six months leave, let a Soviet-painted. Do you think that anecdote? Not at all, simply speaking, an accidental witness of which, I've become.

Termofiks Quality

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When selecting a heater buyers usually are guided by such properties as high thermal insulation, quality and durability. But science is not standing still. Today, building insulation can perform additional functions that are no less important. Fire protection, standoff natural aging process and decoration of the facade of the building is now curled from a material such as insulation for houses. At your Services insulation for the walls of the new generation – Termofiks. This heater for the bath or home has the best characteristics of the leading construction companies. Today Termofiks used on modern and progressive construction sites.

The main advantage, which has insulation for walls Termofiks – high levels of these parameters: thermal insulation. Thanks to her Termofiks used as insulation for houses and villas, and helps save on expenditures for energy services. Soundproofing. This criterion is especially important for prefabricated houses or neighbors with different musical tastes. As insulation facade Termofiks can be used not only for homes but also rehearsal for bases and other facilities requiring high quality sound insulation.

Waterproofing. Insulation for walls Termofiks not let moisture, allowing it to slow down the destruction of natural materials. High quality installation. Sales of insulation have been constantly increasing largely due to the simplicity of working with him. Termofiks fit into several layers, completely eliminating the formation of air bubbles and other defects. Insulation is noncombustible, which was confirmed by numerous experiments. This quality makes Termofiks indispensable for the wooden buildings, where construction heaters take on the serious problem of security tenants.