Jazz Funk Classics

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All of these releases have only confirmed the originality and uniqueness of the artist. In this creative activity at the time did not bring big profits (for example, in order to RetroActive there, Craig worked in the store, providing services of photocopying). However, RetroActive lasted not very long – after a fairly short period of time Damon and Charles separated, and Craig is not a very frustrating about this, has launched its own label, which gets the name of Planet E. November 15, 1991 marked the launch of the revolutionary-sounding label plate "4 Jazz Funk Classics, which Craig released under another pseudonym his – 69. With the release of this disc musician earned the nickname "techno wunderkind," and Charles himself, after a certain amount of time he released his debut album full Landcruising, which many critics, musicians and DJs acknowledged classic of modern dance music.

This album gave many new ideas for jungle music (take for example the track Bug In Bassbin) and many house-band took songs Throw and Oscillator as the standard of house music. Nobody denies the fact that Carl Craig, as well like Basic Channel and Underground Resistance is one of the most outstanding musicians, successfully working in the genre of experimental dance techno, constantly bringing in new elements to the genre and turns. Just as soon as the release of "Landcruising" follows the album Project 69 "The Sound of Music" and a collection of his early work Elements 1989-1990, which produced a musician under the pseudonyms of Psyche and BFC.


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You entered the zone management and editing parameters of channels. Next, using the horizontal cursor buttons, select the desired channel. What can be changed using the mixer? Using the vertical cursor keys, you can browse the entire list of variable parameters. First – you can change the tone (TONE), ie tone on each of the ten channels. Very interesting results are obtained when one or several layers of pattern. Thus, the accompaniment can be transformed beyond recognition, and "carried away" in another era. It is possible to disable the channel (CHANNEL ON / OFF). Many people use it only to disable the party shock (DRUMS – Channel 10).

Go on – experiment! Some interesting patterns of effect gives off a number of bass or rhythm-harmonic voices of the party. Modified in such a way and you like patterns can be lay in the registration memory cells or to throw off a floppy disk and kept so for future reference. I recall that on synthesizers CASIO WK-1800, WK-3000, WK-3300, WK-3500, WK-3700, WK-3800, this parameter is duplicated connected on the panel buttons, and so carry out this function, these instruments do not need to open the mixer. The next parameter – the volume (VOLUME). It allows you to change the intensity of sound in the range from 000 to 127. This work will be of interest to those interested in sound production. Do you have an opportunity to draw the bright any one party accompaniment, relegating the rest to the background. Many people know that in other patterns would be desirable to facilitate the bass, or, conversely, to make it more dense.

Russia Album

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Apocalyptica album in January 2005 released the fifth album, entitled Apocalyptica. The album was first included things with vocals – Life Burns, Bittersweet, En Vie and Betrayal / Forgiveness. Earlier versions of his own vocal instrumental compositions Apocalyptica published only in the single-coil version. In the recordings took part in Finnish vocalist Ilona Lauri (The Rasmus) and Ville Valo (HIM) and French singer Emmanuelle Monet (Manu). Also on the album again participated drummer Dave Lombardo.

In support of the album was released three sinla: Bittersweet, Wie Wiet and Life Burns, on all three songs were filmed video clips televised on MTV. Bittersweet song became a major theme for the video game Die Siedler: Das Erbe Der Konige. In support of the album, Apocalyptica had a world tour in March for the first time visiting the United States and Yuzhuyu America, and also acted along with Rammstein. Total in 2005 played for more than 150 shows in dozens of countries in Europe and America. In November, the band played several concerts in different cities of Russia. In the same year with the participation of musicians Triplex took part in recording the soundtrack to the Russian sports drama "Boy with shadow. " Composition, performed by them, was written by composer Alexei Shelygin and nominated for RMA MTV Russia. Worlds Collide album All songs with vocalists, unreleased singles earlier, came in 2006 during the jubilee collection Amplified: a Decade of Reinventing the Cello, on the tenth concert of the group. In 2007, Apocalyptica recorded the album Worlds Collide, which was attended by Till Lindemann (Rammstein), Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and other famous singers, as well as drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer) and guitarist Hotei Tomoyatsu.

Flat Piano

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After removing tiles and details of opening the keyboard, is pre-cleaning parts of mechanisms using a vacuum cleaner. One must be careful in the area hammer mechanism, so as not to damage parts. Then you should carefully examine all parts, components and connections and remove the piano mechanism, possibly stemming from the negligent storage remains harmful activity "pets." Basically it is the consequences of an active breeding in the textile, felt fedoras and instrument details moths. It will be useful in various sizes and configurations of the brush first hard, and then with a soft bristle. Then I convince the client that, due to the poor condition of the tool, a little forced, "popylit" move my vacuum cleaner hose "on release" and "blow" the dust residues. The process is usually accompanied by tragic exclamations client, watched in horror at how the extracted "hundredth" dust settles on the flat pieces of furniture. To this we must be prepared to convince the hostess that "Art requires sacrifice." A classic and effective way to combat moth is tea tree oil. It is packaged in containers of 3-5 grams, is set in the bottom of the basement tool to cover necessary make a small hole.

The replacement must be done every six months. In our conditions, the steppe is spectacular plain white wormwood. A small whisk "saves" the piano from the moth from six months to a year. But not only is the mole pest piano, although it is most common and widespread, in practice, observed numerous cases where under the keyboard, for some reason, in the vicinity of 4.5 octaves, found a mouse nest classical, sometimes with mummified mouse pups.

The Synthesizer

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It is desirable in the process of composing, or immediately after writing down what happened, for example on tape, recorder, in memory of the synthesizer or computer. If nothing happened – you can always erase it, and "caught" by accident once the punch line, a musical idea can ever irretrievably lost. If you get something of value, listen to it again and again on the subject of whether or not it like you own and if you can not remember the other famous songs, music of this tune after a few times always listen to the recordings made. If in the process listening to their records, or directly during the creation of music or song, a laid-back creative improvisation, you realize that something precious has turned out, listen to it again and again for that, like whether it is entirely, or some places you own, if you can not remember the other famous songs, music with a similar melody. If you do not like your work, or you find something similar – start all over again. Draw liked the music, the songs in digestible form, improve, strengthen and develop it if your product or part you like and you have not noticed plagiarism, try to arrange your favorite part of a more or less digestible form, improve, strengthen and develop it. For example, if there is a basis for melody, play it on the synthesizer for accompaniment is, compose a verse to the song created by the music, sing this verse, the guitar, create a music track on your computer, etc.

Roof Article

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It remains only to refine it for a few posting on the site. Read these tips: 1. SELECT A IN ARTICLE ONE-TWO KEY WORDS OR Phrases that reflect the main content of the article and which, as you expect, visitors will find your article in a search engine. For example, let the article discusses how to choose a roof and the roof of her stating, inter alia, on the metal. That is the key word may be the query to find the article which your readers. By the way, choosing keywords, you can estimate how often people in these words something searching the Internet. This can be done here: 2.

CHANGE THE TITLE OF ARTICLE – if it does not contain the keyword. For example, if you had the title "Roof of the metal," then you can change it to "Metal – for roof Roof "or the" Roof of the metal. " But it is better to word keyword stood exactly in the form, which is assumed in the query, ie the first version of the title in this case is more suitable. If the site is built correctly, article title will be repeated at the top (mostly blue) strip of the browser, ie automatically enter the title page. This can also be seen in the case when you are trying to save the page by clicking the "Save as …" to Internet Eksploere. It may be just the title, but it could be a title that is added to other words in the title of the site.

Israel Medical Tourism

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Fill in the line of Internet addresses: ApartamentyvIzraile.rf Good day everyone who wants to visit and relax for a high price is not in Israel. We suggest you rent private apartments in Israel economy class. For your convenience, we registered a new web address in the zone of the Russian Federation. Enter just a line of Internet addresses: ApartamentyvIzraile.rf and you will immediately go to our web site for renting apartments in Israel. Apartments in Israel for $ 70 + Rooms We offer you apartments in Israel are spacious 2-room apartment in Bat Yam. Near the sea, in the city center with all the infrastructure buses, banks, post office, etc … The apartments are fully equipped, furnished, air-conditioning, Internet, TV, kitchen (fully equipped), dishes, linens, towels, etc …

The price includes all utilities: gas, water, electricity. Provide free the information you need about Israel (tourism). Orders are private or group tours throughout the country. $ 70 for two children under 5 years free of charge you rent our apartment?! Will receive the following services free of charge. 1.

Free shuttle service and from the airport! 2. Free local Sim card. 3. Free books for your trips. 4. Utilities like water and electricity included in price. WWW.LAPID.UCOZ.RU 972 505 9990 02 Michael Buses in Israel and Jerusalem Apartment in Israel Rent an apartment in Israel, Ashqelon Israel, Bahai Gardens, Beer Sheva, Israel Vacations, Israel Hotels, Israel rent, Private transfers, how to travel to Israel, Map of Israel apartments in November, Short-term rent in Israel, Short-term rental in Israel, Private VIP Transfer in Israel Medical Tourism in Israel, the Dead Sea in Israel, Netanya, Israel Vacations-beach-treatment, rest and treatment in Israel, beach, hotels Israel-day, pilgrims in Israel, for overnight hotels in Israel, Israel-haul order, Embassy of Ukraine in Israel, Short term housing in Israel, Western Wall, Removing the apartments in Israel, picking apartments in Israel, Taxis Israel, Transfer Vip in Israel-Wish, Transfers in Israel-vip, travel Bat Yam, Haifa, meeting at the airport in Israel, a city in Israel, in Israel and around-the place to get to places in Israel attractions in Israel book shuttle in Israel, the book tour, the land of Israel, personal delivery, apartments Israeli-rent, short term rent-Israel comments about Israel-weather-Mediterranean tours, photos, prices, reviews pilgrims Pilgrimage to Israel, beach holidays in Israel-treatment, beach holidays and treatment Israel Weather in Israel, the Russian Embassy in Israel, the rent-Israel, Israel restaurants, rent an apartment in Tel Aviv, in tarnsfert Israel, tourists renting eat in Israel, private tours in Israel, the private carting in Israel

Art Galleries In Venice

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Two centers of pilgrimage, two shrines for true connoisseurs of art are very close to Venice. This Gallery of the Academy and Scuola Grande San Rocco. Gallery of the Academy was formally founded by the Senate of Venice, 12 September 1750. The first director of the Academy was Giambattista Piazzetta. Under the building of the Louvre, used Venetian church of Santa Maria della Carita in the adjoining room of the monastery of Lateran Canons. Geographically Gallery Academy is located near the confluence of the Grand Canal in a lagoon, a 15-minute leisurely walk from Piazza San Marco, opposite the bridge of the Academy, which was built during the ownership of Venice by the Austrians.

Scuola San Rocco, with the same name by the church next to the famous acting Frary. Both galleries are museums of the highest order – the guardians of the highest achievements of world art. One listing of names – Giorgione, Carpaccio, Bellini, Titian, Vernoze, Tintoretto, Francesco Guardi, Vivarini, Bernardo Strozzi – leads to the thrill of a true lover of art. And some artists, such as Vernoze and Tintoretto are not individually, but entire rooms. Describe yourself painting does not make sense. They are best seen. While some tourists and limit visits to galleries as soon as a visit to the beautiful cafe at the entrance. Saves time, but to visit Venice and not be in its museums is like that go into a restaurant and have lunch.

Creating Sculptural Works

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Sculpture – a type of fine art, whose works are voluminous, three-dimensional shape and made of hard plastic or materialov.Snachala sculptor sculpts miniature plasticine or clay, transmitting the original idea. Then reproduces a sketch in clay in a larger size and modify ego.Skulptura large clay is placed on the frame (from the iron rods, wire, pieces of wood), strengthening on the machine – a tripod with a rotating horizontal board. With a script fashioned from clay plaster is removed, the so-called 'rough shape', consisting of two or more parts. It just repeats the model, only backward, concave shape. The original clay model at the same time destroyed, so as to free form, have it removed from the clay. Then, on the exact form of cast plaster reproduction of the model, the so-called 'Casting'.

With the release of the casting form cracks and, thus, this so-called 'rough shape' is destroyed. If you need to make some plaster samples, with the resulting castings have removed two, so called 'lump', made up of many parts. Packed into a casing (general tire, bringing together all the pieces), 'lump' provides an opportunity to mold and cast the following instances of plaster, concrete or methods art castings of various metallov.Dlya get several identical models of sculptures made of wax used flexible form. In order to replicate wax models for casting sculptures, or similar items artistic works such as cast ornaments for artistic fence, make a rubber mold. Sculptures made of metal – color, black or precious as the completion of the process making necessarily require a decorative finish. And it not only improves the appearance of sculptures, forged or openwork lattice of the fire, chased relief or artistic casting, but also protects the product, created in any technique, from the external environment, extending their age.


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Terry towels and bathrobes today – it's not just ordinary items that need to be in the bathroom and bedroom. They have become an integral part of the style of your home. Towels and robes should be of good quality, beautiful and at the same time without losing its functionality hygiene items. Terry products create a cozy atmosphere in every home and serve as a calling card to its owner, talk about his interests and pristrastiyah.Mahrovy gown was an integral part of household's wardrobe for many people. There is nothing nicer than to spend the evening with a cup of sweet tea after taking a bath, wrapped in a warm and fluffy bathrobe. So what's all the same gown you need: Velour or dressing? Velour bathrobe – an easy, lint, it has a slim and compact, it can be called summer, it is useful for everyday use at home, he does not restrict movement. Bathrobe is more suitable to dress him after taking a bath. It is more fluffy, heavy and pleasing to the touch.

Modern, high-quality terry products are made of cotton with different density, sometimes with the addition of fashion. If you are adherent of the classics, you suit dyed towels. Wide range of colors will pick terry towels with any decor. Finish towels are as different as the color palette and is designed for different age categories. For example, Young people often choose towels with images of animals, for middle-aged people fit the classic – with embroidered floral subjects, and children – applique fairy tale or cartoon characters.