The Production

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In this workmanship they are analyzed the power and the different mechanisms and microstructures of its affirmation, Foucault the power does not exist, existing in surplus a countless number of practical of being able, where the citizen also is one of the main agents in the exercise of this power, but the State goes beyond these practical of control, where the production of truths also passes to be understood as of utmost importance in the process of adestramento and manufacture of the calls ' ' bodies dceis' '. The truth idea is elaborated by a maquinrio of the power that works for the State, basing practical of behavior and disciplines. ' ' The truth is of this world; it is produced in it thanks to multiple coercions and in it she produces effect regulated of poder.' ' (P. 12). The figure of the intellectual front to the taking of decision of the society also is analyzed on the point of view of the author, in if treating to the production of ' ' verdades' ' that it folloies our evolution historical, such truths are used to alienate and to establish the order of the mass and total obedience to that it withholds the power.

' ' It seems me that what if must lead in consideration in the intellectual is not, therefore, ' ' the carrier of values universais' ' ; it is somebody that occupies a specific position, but whose especificidade is on to the general functions of the device of truth in ours sociedades.' ' (P. 13). Hospital order e, over all the psychiatry and its system of internment of invalids widely is argued by Foucault, the analyzed point is the relations of being able that if they originate from practical between doctors and patients. ' ' As if it can see everything is question of being able: to dominate the power of the insane person, to be able to neutralize them that of it are they can be exerted on them, establish a therapeutical power and of adestramento, ' ' ortopedia' '.

Sophisticated Civilizations

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The compostagem was used for many of the old civilizations with the objective to keep the high degree of sophistication of its agricultures. In such a way, it was developed fertility of the ground with the addition of organic substance. In India, the technique was used well until recently, however, World War II had after occurred great transformations in agriculture, transferring itself to use it synthetic chemical products, schemes sophisticated, cultivation, genetic manipulation of seeds etc. However, with the Crisis of the Oil in the decade of 70 and the consequent increase in the prices of the agricultural insumos, it was transferred to argue it alternative that they were opposed to the conventional agricultural system. However, the search for these alternatives did not last much time and what it is observed currently are inherent problems the pollution caused factors among others, forthe superproduction of garbage. The garbage is responsible for the contamination of the hdricos resources through the penetration in the sheet fretico, for example; causing directly or indirectly damages biodiversity, also to the health human being. In such a way, currently one has searched solutions to this problem, over all in what each time of lixos generated for the society says respect to the deposition of bigger amounts. To this problem the high relative costs to the collection are added, have carried and destination from the garbage.

These factors make with that such residues are, most of the time, deposited in lixes the open sky. Few cities possess sanitary or controlled aterros, processes of incineration or plant of compostagem. In accordance with Garden (1995), the average composition of the domiciliary garbage in Brazil is composed basically for the following elements: organic material, paper, plastic, glass and metal. Thus, the processes of treatment of these lixos could be made from the selective discarding, breaking up the reciclvel material of the organic one.

Escravista Production

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Having reached the Europe and the Mediterranean world about 2.000 years later. Continuing this history-existence of the humanity I want to cite ‘ ‘ Way of Asitico’ Production; ‘ that it consisted of a economic system where means of production, the land, belongs to the State, and this as gerenciador and administrator of the production of the excess in exchange for allows to the use of the land tributes, (work or product), this relation of production is based on the collective servitude. The Ways appear of Escravista Production, where the principle was not the person who trades slaves, and yes where if adquiriaescravos from wars and of debts, the Way of Feudal Production, that was essentially agrarian, being the land the main source of wealth. It was a communitarian system of culture that did not search the renewal of the techniques therefore any innovation depended on the approval of the community alde, that therefore it generated a stagnation technique. The production econmicaconcentrava in the feudal or landlady ruralpertencente to the one lay or ecclesiastical feudal Sir.

In it, the production destined it the subsistence and searched a self-sufficiency of the group therefore had other activities beyond the agriculturists as creation, the industry caretaker I deal and it local where the circulation was restricted still the territorial and politician-legal unit of the feudal society. The concession of lands to the peasants implied the obligation to give services and to give the Mr., part of the production. From Century XI the Europe entered in a stability phase that resulted in the renaissance of the economic activity due to expansion of the productive areas, the job of new techniques in the production had transformed the European economic life passing to producing more with little work, the peasant if became strong and resistant more making to diminish the mortality tax. The principle, the commercial activity was exerted inside of the feudals.

You Are Cultured

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You hear Chico Buarque of Holland, Vincius de Morais and Tom Jobim? Vivaldi, Mozart and similar? It frequents parts, presentations of symphonic orchestras, ballets teatrais? It reads Axe of Assis, Shakespeare? You adore wine tinto dry, cheese gorgonzola? That is, you cultivate similar habits and gostos to these and if she considers cult, certain? MADE A MISTAKE. In a simplista and common definition, culture is the set of artistic, social, linguistic and mannering manifestations of a people or civilization. That is, everything is culture. The cultural taste is the difference. The cultural taste is defined and tax in accordance with the place, with the people, way where if it lives.

' ' The man is, culturally, fruit of meio.' ' He is very common to hear heavy critical to the cultural regionalismos with discriminatory and racist text. From there he comes, also, the expression folklore, so pedagogically used. This term was exclusively created with the objective to separate ' ' cultura' ' white, elitist, European of popular Brazilian, of what it comes of the poor people, illiterate, agricultural, black, aboriginal, crossbred the culture. That is, traditions and manifestations as Classic Ballet, music ' ' erudita' ' theater is part of the cultural manifestations. Popular parties with religious files of legal documents, popular dances, traditional musics are folklore. In ' ' censos' ' officers of Brazil consist one definitive index of access to the considered culture low. However in the questions he does not consist as cultural spaces the samba schools, the halls of forr, the popular circuses, the popular parties as the juninas, the carnival of street, and others. When we speak of culture, we cannot attribute judgment of value, personal taste. As he happens frequently. This practical reproduces the same logic of partner-economic exclusion that, the cultured said ones, as much places contrary. Who said what it is culture? The media? The elite? The people? You? He will be that to be cultured he is to respect differences, if to abstain from preconceptions, to take care of of its health, if to worry about its next one, the people to its return, honest being, to be ethical, to have coherent principles and attitudes?

Reasonably Progressive Method

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Trucks, trains, constructions, blasts, shouts, bullicio, machineries, sirens, strident music the modern life, and for those who they live or especially they work in the great urban conglomerates, is saturated of sonorous pollution. For who is not customary or comes from calmer cities, this deafening mixture of noises can be unbearable and terribly exhausting. But for those who live day to day, this becomes something common and often imperceptible. This sonorous pollution affects to the ear and its normal operation producing different affections according to the organism from each person and at the level of exhibition. Clinically it is verified that in the great cities is greater the percentage of people who undergo this type of diseases or otolgicas diminutions. One of these dysfunctions is hipoacusia, that often causes acufenos in ear like one of its main symptoms. Ironically the basic noise also can be the key for the treatment of the acufenos.

The experience of many patients took to the specialists to realise a series of studies that threw surprising results. When acufeno patient is exhibited during long periods to monotonous sounds (but of low intensity), this one unconsciously manages to change the center of the attention from the acufeno to this new much less annoying sound that is generated intentionally and that pitido or own humming of the acufeno. Contrary to which it happens to the enmascaradores of the acufeno sound (that only cover it by means of a lifted similar sound but more), when the sound generator goes out, the patient says to perceive that the acufeno sound stays reduced during an important lapse of time. And as the treatment is advancing, these lapses of improvement are become more lengths and with one more a deeper improvement. Naturally, these treatments with generators of audio must be made under a strict professional control to offer the best possible results. There is a well-known method little but very effective that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear it stops always. If you want to read as I personally managed accidentally to eliminate the acfenos, you do Click Here.


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You know, you appeared in my life when the last thing that I wanted was a new relationship. I already had left many and as you know exactly with many estragos caused for me. Magoei as many people and magoei me exactly also when magoar them. I found that being alone the things would be better and there you appeared in my life and everything moved. Exactly when I was sincere with you on me, on my past, desiring private that turned you me the coasts left and me imprisoned in the guilt who consumed me day and night, you if it refused to go even so and it counted to me on its fears, its passed experiences, its errors, made with that I felt human more, more normal, without being judged or being condemned. You have taught me on a type of love that survives ace intempries of the life, ace storms of the way. exactly when nor everything are flowers, us we find reasons stops more still fortifying in them in what we feel and what we live. People when if they get passionate say that nothing she will go to separate them of the loved person, that will fight against everything and all to keep the lighted flame, but most of the time give up when the things run away to the planned one or ace expectations.

The love never is sufficiently, never obtains to surpass its idealizaes when they are insults. But you have tried with me an eddy of problems of almost all the orders and exactly thus she continues firm in its position, in its love and remembering always me that independent of the age you are not one garotinha, you are a woman who knows well what she wants. since then you have shown me every day how much she wants with all my defects to me, with my locked doors, with my imperfections, with my fears, with my silence, my insanities. I never asked for to it to love me and exactly thus made you it and continue making. I did not obtain to hinder to me to love you more and more day after day.

Debtor for accepting simply me as I am of truth, without fancies, constant poetical inspirations, with my musical taste for ' ' velharias' ' ace times with some bad irritating mood. Debtor for not displaying our life and to hold me when ace times still way in direction to the percipcio. Few people in to this had understood me life, you are one of these. I you amo' '. It folded the sheet of paper and placed enters the things of it. One day it would find. It came back toward the bed and lay down hugging it under the covers, feeling that one cheirinho of Lily of the Boticrio left that it wild. It aconchegou it more and gave one of those gemidinhos of sleep and whispered one ' ' I you amo' ' already so familiar and it she slept thus, smiling, hugged the woman who the life teaches to it to love without reserves.

Gaia Science

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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was born in 15 of October of 1844 in Rcken, in the prussiana Saxnia. Son and grandson of protestant shepherds, Nietzsche lost the father in 1849 prematurely and was to the cares of the mother, the grandmother and of older sister. In 1858 she got a scholarship for the school of Pforta and 1864 she entered the University of Bonn, to study theology and filologia. One moved, in 1865, to the University of Leipzig, for indication of the master Friedrich Wilhelm Ritschl, thanks to who, still to the 25 years, Nietzsche was contracted by the University of Basilia as university professor of classic filologia. In this phase, she composed musical workmanships to the way of Schumann, made friendship with Richard Wagner and she knew the philosophy of Schopenhauer. In 1870, during the war Franc-prussiana, Nietzsche it served as voluntary nurse and one month later, very sick, had to come back to give lessons. In 1872 aus published Die Geburt der Tragdie dem Geiste der Musik (the Birth of the Tragedy in the Spirit of Music), that it anticipates the essential lines of its thought and became a classic in the history of the aesthetic one. In this book, Nietzsche supports that the tragedy Greek would have appeared of the fusing of two components: apollonian, that it represented the measure and the order, and the dionisaco, symbol of the vital passion and the intuition.

Scrates, when imposing the apollonian racionalista ideal, would have caused the death of the tragedy and the gradual separation between thought and life. The ten last sessions constitute a rapsdia on the renaissance of the tragedy from the spirit of the music of Wagner. In its following workmanships, as Unzeitgemsse Betrachtungen (1873-1874; Consideraes Inatuais), where exalta the pessimism of Schopenhauer, and Menschliches, Allzumenschliches (1878; Human being, Too much Human), where if he shows converted to the Iluminismo and he makes the first attacks to the Christian moral, Nietzsche displays some of its more forceful ideas, developed still in Die Frliche Wissenschaft (1882; The Gaia Science), Jenseits Von Gut und Bse (1886; It stops Beyond the Good and of the Evil) and Zur Genealogie der Moral (1887; On the Genealogy of the Moral), in shining and demolishing aforismos.

Ivete Book

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The room block of this volume backwards tona the social history of romantic literature and uses to advantage to leave in explicit work of the sort notice, finishing with an introduction the semantics and its concepts, this varies in the fifth unit that emphasizes the realism and its segments, but centers it in the grammatical forms since the punctuation until the morfossinttica analysis of the words or conjuncts. In the sixth unit the book continues the literary boarding now working the language of music, and follows with the argumentativo text, now strengthening the verbal agreement in the literal constructions. Already in the seventh unit the language is lighter and of the space for the literature that comes folloied of more varieties in the productions. At last, this didactic volume still contains excellent illustrations that motivate the pupil and varied fan of suggestions to support the professor in classroom, offering interactive resources on complementary literature of other authors, lectures, sites, teatrais parts, musics, cinema, among others that they facilitate the search for the knowledge of the new in the pertaining to school life. When analyzing book above described to compare it with the approaches and metodolgicas boardings presented by the authors.

I polished Da Silva and Beatriz Paula, is perceived that the didactics of the book still needs to be adapted by the professor in classroom, depending on each situation, mainly in what the avaliativa part of the pupil says respect, therefore as Vygotsky affirms, the language is responsible for the estruturao of the mind, not being able to happen alone, then it fits to the professor to guide its pupils in the teach-learning, that is, the professor it must be partner of the pupil in this construction and searchs for the knowledge, established in always dialgica relation, as it emphasizes the author Pablo Freire in its book, Pedagogia of the Oppressed one. Of this form, to work the logical reasoning with the pupils being prevented ‘ ‘ decorebas’ ‘ , but taking to think them it about the construction of its ideas, the professor carries through this so important paper of mediator of the knowledge, thus obtaining, resulted satisfactory in its pupils preparing them for satisfactory an academic and professional future. CONCLUSION It is seen therefore that the construction of education if makes efficient when it has a set of elements that contribute for the structural development of the mind of the pupils in the schools and the content programmarian of the PORTUGUESE book: LANGUAGES (2003), of William authors Robert Cereja and Thereza Cochar Magalhes bring obtain interesting suggestions that involve these elements such as the language, literature, the textualidade and the grammar that can be applied in classroom. It was observed that the book is divided block-type of studies being that each one plays a peculiar function in the formation of the student and the professor must be partner of the pupil in this construction and searchs for the knowledge, established in always dialgica relation so that from this principle both can have success in its professional and academic life.

BIBLIOGRAPHY Cherry, William Robert, Portuguese: languages: volume only William Robert Cherry, Thereza Cochar Magalhes. So Paulo: Current, 2003. Morosov, Ivete, Martinez zeggio Juliana; The didactics of education and the evaluation of the learning in foreign language. Ibepex, 2008. (Methodology of Ensino de Portuguese and Foreign Lngua). Paula, Ana Beatriz, Da Silva I polished Of the Carmo Rita; Didactics and Evaluation in Portuguese and Foreign Language. Ibepex, 2008. (Methodology of Ensino de Portuguese and Foreign Lngua).

The History Of The Band Panther

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Panther was one of the more popular metal bands of all the times, possessing the respect of fans and musicians. Everything started in 1981 when the band still made a style more glam rock, but throughout the years its music was taking another form and, the history of the group was being surrounded of confusions and fight controversies. With the participation of the old vocalista, Terry Glaze, had been launched three first albums: ' ' Magic&#039 metal; ' (1983), ' ' Projects In The Jungle' ' (1984) e' ' I Am The Night' ' (1985). Terry finished being dismissed for the band when it opposed to sign a contract with the recorder of Simmons Gene of the Kiss. The popularity of the Panther appeared when the band started to make what wise person to make of better, Metal! The room record of the band, ' ' Power Metal' ' (1988), it appeared already with the participation of Phil Anselmo in the vocal ones.

Although the band has initiated in years 80, the first album of commercial success was ' ' Cowboys From Hell' ' of 1990. The music of the Panther still was searching its identity and if it approached to heavy metal classic, but ' ' Cowboys From Hell' ' , Psycho Holiday' ' ' ' Domination' ' already it brought the trash-metal for which the band was known. ' ' Vulgar Display of Power' ' of 1992, it was the album of the band of bigger success. Acclaimed for the fans of the Panther, this album obtained to conquer public of the entire world with successes as ' ' Walk' ' , ' ' Mouth Will be War' ' ' ' This Love' '. The success was followed by the next album ' ' Far Beyond Driven' ' of 1994. In 1996, &#039 was launched; ' The Great Southerm Trendkill' ' band started its decline of success.

The last record of the Panther was ' ' Reinventing The Steel' ' launched in 2000. After this album with fight on the musical future of the band, them had finished if separating. With diverse rumors on the return, everything was locked in when in 2004 the guitarist Dimebag Darrell was signed. There fans finished the hopes them orphans who still had hope to see in palco one of the best groups of metal that already existed. However if you are fan, still you can find all letters of the band Panther in sites of letters of musics for the Internet.

Brazilian Senate

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This model privileges the real estate speculation, investments in intensive use of automotivos vehicles, ground waterproofing, canalization of rivers and streams? an unnatural model and insolvent debtor, to generate flagelos. Populations of low purchasing power live in areas of geologic risk not because they want, but due to options in function of public politics capengas. Actions of energetic fiscalization must be a constant, to prevent new occupations in risk areas and to remove the ones that are there. The water and the sewer that all want certainly in the house door are not what summer rains provide. The Brazilians are full of floods and the happened mud of the incapacity of the authorities in planning and implementing workmanships and action of prevention. Currently he has 48 projects of law in transaction in the Brazilian Senate that turn on forms to prevent deaths and damages caused for extreme events of the nature.

All these projects, of vital importance, are far from being argued, voted and approved and they had not had the had enrollment of the society in charging celeridade of its representatives. Meanwhile, between 2007 and 2009 he went up of 176 for 620 the Brazilian cities affected by floods and overflows. They esteem themselves to have 5 million more than Brazilians living in risk area. The citizens have that to have the culture of the education and of the ethics in the social conviviality, which she is, the exercise of the citizenship. This means not to have the thought distorted of only enjoying of the services and public goods of prompt form e, for times, opportunist when disrespecting legal positions. It means to inquire themselves, to become involved themselves of co-ordinated form, to fulfill the laws and to charge of the public power programs and permanent actions of planning of long stated period, directed to well-being and security of all. Public managers must criminally be made responsible by omission and negligence, when allowing decreases you prevented and superfluous in series against the life.

The occupation of the serrana region of Rio De Janeiro, as well as many other examples in Brazil, appears under the look obtuso and Populist of the authorities propped up in spurious agreements with loteadores or the formation of electoral clientelismo of the occupants of areas of risk, as fertile valleys, sources and mounts. It is a herclea task to go ahead with laws punitive to the consisting power, therefore the authors of laws are they themselves. Valley not to amnesty the illegality and the improbity and yes the judicializao of the public politics by means of action of the Public prosecution service. Mart Luther King already said: ‘ ‘ dream with the day where justice will run as water and the straightness as of great volume rio’ ‘. The neighboring inhabitants to the Mountain range of the Sea, as well as all the Brazilians, wait anxious per this day, also the fans of Tone Jobim. The house of field of the genius of situated Brazilian popular music in the Carioca mountain range completely was destroyed by waters of the summer.