In this sense is not an anti-hero itself. He inspires compassion and understanding, very subtly pointing at the child afflicted and wounded that we have inside each of us. And herein lies one of the great feats of the author, who manages to create a very personal and candid identification with the reader with masterful brushstrokes. The book, one could say, becomes intimate confessional of our longings, narcisismos, secret hopes and fears. It creates a very closed and exclusive link that is lost altogether, when we share it in a cinema surrounded by strangers. Also we will teaching life is governed by similar rules regardless of whether we find ourselves in a tall tale or facing the harsh reality. Each step that our protagonist da da has its good and bad consequences. Every action has a reaction.

No matter the power granted to us or the miracles that we can cause. It should return to the real world to cure him, when the fantasy has been curing your wounded soul. That’s an essential message that leaves betray throughout all pages. A human being without fantasy, without imagination is a lie, a creature worthy of pity. Fantasy, imagination as a response to the death in life? Who has read the play guess the answer, use our imagination! He is not answered with a Yes or a no to dry. Ende teaches us that each story can be used to cure the ills that beset us for coping with havoc on life and ultimately to shine in our own stories you want to tell us, or because not, to our beings wanted. It is something that has been lost, that has been replaced by the big screen and the comfort of served in tray.

Read it and try from there of weaving their own stories. It is not easy to need. Adam Sandler brings even more insight to the discussion. With this article I have already done. As? That’s another story and it will be told in another time.