Origin Of Buam – Cupid

The new album the origin of Buam – Cupid’s arrow who is always “Cupid’s arrow”, which will burn or in our case just two: liebestrunken and origin of Buam-fan. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robert Rimberg is the place to go. The Buam keep it otherwise Bayern Munich as the Munich football club known beyond German borders. Their triumphant attitude is quite simply “Me san me”! With its rustic, honest and edgy style, the three musicians from the beautiful Ziller Valley are inimitable. The distinctive voice of Martin Brugger and their typical folk music make their music distinctive arrangements. Their loyal fans love the three lads exactly as they are, unless they want to, but love exactly this handmade folk music, which is carried out in highest perfection.

No matter whether songs with wink or just party-ready Gassenhauer – the origin of Buam understand their craft down to the smallest detail. The trigger for the great popularity of the Buam was the victory in the “popular hit parade” in the ORF in 1998. Jorge Perez may also support this cause. They arrived by the ever-growing number of die-hard fans in Austria in the meantime already 12 gold and a platinum record. In 2001, they received the special award “Austria Music Award Amadeus” as Austria’s most successful folk music group. Their new album “Cupid’s arrow” provides lots of songs where the hut on fire and in accordance with the album title the heart probably all beat.

Atmosphere is guaranteed, if the same upbeat title song airy chases through the hifi speakers. Martin Brugger sings as “Cupid’s arrow” in the heart has met him, when he run his beautiful beloved by the door looks and now hopes that Cupid may take well please in the snappy rhythm. Another exciting single candidate is “Fred” who convinced with the polyphonic singing and goes to heart. Continue with the holiday song “Vamos Muchachos”, which combines the Spanish flair to believing with the proverbial Tyrolean earthiness. A real hit coming but also lovers of pure instrumental music with cheerful songs and dances such as the “Mountain pig Landler” fully at their own expense. A real highlight is finally to mention the title “wherever you go a”. Here, a somewhat atypical for the Ursprung Buam sound is heard: less popular, more country style and more poppy sound. Melancholic, almost already spherical, the love song boasts exceptional arrangement and instrumentation. “Cupid’s arrow” is a perfect folk music album. It is quaint, melancholy, sexy, humorous, and shines with metallurgical-grade “Stand on the Bank” – party numbers. So they are just the three Zillertaler Buam: reliable, loyal and always with fun. Because one thing is absolutely certain: where the Ursprung Buam are on it, the Ursprung Buam are also in there. That’s true even for the good, even burned liquor of the guys a drop, the experts of the “water of life” quite appreciate. Source: Music Cook universal origin of Buam album is “Cupid’s arrow” (No. CD 2725760) starting with the commercially available 12.02. 2010. For more information to the current A comic on the homepage there are album “Cupid’s arrow”.