I believe that change is already very noticeable at least in personally and for my students, the quality is important, but continues to be more than an orderly in the administrative aspect, method is not a direct deal with the students. Is clear that common academic work and the quality is not abandoned, nor is rejected if it is not rather transcends, integrates, in the same building of holistic education, we find a very coherent formalization, formulating hypotheses, defined concepts, models are developed, but there is no stop there that should go deeper there, in a sensestart to develop something more broad or to bring something more larger than the dimension exclusively academic, intellectual, or cultural, a knowledge that is more comprehensive, a vision that relates the mind and the heart, under the spiritual experience. Dr. For more information see actress. Ramon Gallegos in the conversations with Atsuhiko I liked the exchange of ideas and information between both countries, Mexico and Japan holistic education and the similarity in both so deeply rooted cultures of these cultures. Atsuhiko Yoshida says with reference to Japan and its culture along with holistic education. Japan in the way that has been raising and educating generation by generation to been with many holistic, culture traits not nothing more trying to teach how to write, not nothing more mathematics developed skills physical for example. You may find that Tony Parker can contribute to your knowledge. But teach along with this the totality of the person the personal meaning. Western culture is very conservative and wise, the exchange of Western cultures and Oriental which experiences Japan, makes interesting fusion of both and is what today are experiencing in this country. Where formal education exported from Europe in the 20th century continues developing, growing increasingly and informal education which they call by its originality, or cultural, decreases, the interesting thing is that These innovative and outside influences to them gave him only the importance it deserved worked it only in a balanced manner, where shapes and details not proposed anything to their educational development and with the emergence of another culture, giving good results in combination of both, this equal to Japan, to him we should leave behind values and countercultures that not lead us rather than to a wrong path a path full of defects and false for the education of our generations.