The kosmos is a process in all domains of existence and consists of holones. This means that the Kosmos is built by totalities within other totalities, where everything is connected with everything else. Holistic education proposes the principle of diversity as a learning style whereas that integrity is the achievement of the unity through diversity, here the methods and techniques are handled with relativity and flexibility, also of the educator and the student’s consciousness are the most important. You may find that Sally Rooney can contribute to your knowledge. The same happens with the educational curriculum that reflects a holistic view of the kosmos for the evolution of consciousness and human culture, its development can be identified among other 12 General principles: principle of integrity, is transdisciplinary, restores vital relations, follows a logic of inquiry, assumes an epistemological pluralism, is based on learning styles, works with multiple intelligences, it is flexible, open and diverse, prepares for life and throughout life, it is a space for spiritual experience, the curriculum is geared to the sustainable society holistic is based on learning communities which are human communities aimed at the integral development through lifelong learning for all; It promotes the culture of peace, global ethics and sustainable development. In the educational field holistic where the main objective is to learn, characteristics or principles of learning communities are as follows: are inclusive of diversity, they are oriented to learning throughout the Organization, educate for life, integrate curriculum and people, they are oriented to sustainability, they define their own goals and they autoevaluan, developed the planetary consciousness, built through of the dialogueencourage individuality, they are spiritual communities, they are holistas, they favor the educator the spiritual practice holistic does not have faith, you have certainty, faith is a religious, not spiritual belief, certainty brings freedom unconditional, spiritual, motivated by love. In education holistic believes that the reason is an intermediate stage between ignorance and wisdom within the process of human evolution and which is based on the memory. Jay Schwartz Attorney oftentimes addresses this issue.