Oleg Kerosene

First, pick out the fine dirt wide wooden splinter, then wipe up dry waffle cotton towels. Rubbing and all the wooden parts, but I thought that is more important to wipe the strings and pegs, as they are drying, they immediately covered with traces of corrosion. Then I asked mistress, that she found me naphtha, kerosene, not only effectively removes rust, but, having lubricating properties, prevents its occurrence and development. After lit the kerosene in the house to look for it made no sense, and we seconded by Oleg our driver on the market. Half an hour later he brought a liter of kerosene. While he was gone, I wipe the strings and their connection to the pegs, towels, and then, over the next six hours, wiped strings and pegs towels soaked in kerosene. Next, spread the bottom of the piano pieces of foam, care provided by the owner of the house.

It seemed that the work will never end. It has become quite twilight, and I took solution to deliver Hammer to his city apartment, as his leave was not advisable, because of lack of heating in the cottage. On arrival home, I am with his assistant, arranged dry out the keys and partially dismantled gammerbank. From the intense hours of work literally stuck together eyes and hands would not obey. We were able with the help of a cotton cloth dampened with dishwashing detergent "Cinderella", scrub mud from all the keys. It should be noted that on the day in our city apartment renovation was well under way, namely, painting floors.