Obtain Optimum Quality

Today our memories have an increasingly digital existence since that format has a number of advantages above the old analog formats. You can see some of them below: the quality of the digital image is much better you can send by e-mail and share on social networks with friends and family the current hard drives store information at very low cost that allows you to store large amounts of photos. Do not degrade with time scanning a photo is a very simple process, but if you want to obtain a good result you will have to pay attention and follow a series of additional steps. nternet resource. Jorge Perez wanted to know more. The first step: make sure that the photo scanner is connected and installed (with the drivers updated and other). Second step: choose photos to scan. The technique described in this article is only to scan printed photos with flatbed scanner. To scan negatives and digitize slides can be used other techniques or you will have to buy a special scanner (usually are very expensive). Third step: notice that in the the scanner glass there is neither dust nor marks of fingers.

Put the photo on the scanner (make sure you that the same is turned on) and open the scanning program (the software that came with the scanner for photos or other that you already have installed) and choose the option to scan image or acquire image. A window will appear that (usually) allows you to make a preview of the scanned picture. Before pressing the button indicating your computer to begin scanning, there are several parameters that can be configured to obtain a good result: what resolution: first, decide what will you do with the image to see a screen (monitor 15?): we recommend 800 x 600 pixels.